Powerful Whirlpool Bath Control at your Fingertips

Nexxus™ Bath Controls from CMP offer a full suite of options for whirlpool bath control.

Nexxus™ LCD Series Controls
Nexxus™ LCD Series Controls

Nexxus™ LCD Controls offer advanced whirlpool bath control. They feature capacitive touch keys with a backlit LCD screen and backlit keys.

Four Button and Two Button Styles

Control Multiple Bath Seats

27 Pre-Programmed Operations

Light, Pump, Blower, Timer Control

Nexxus™ Touch Series Controls
Nexxus™ Touch Series Controls

The Nexxus™ “Touch” Series of controls give you a simple control option with reliable bath operation. Each control has backlit capacitive touch keys, removing any moving parts. Eight different button styles are available, including six button, four button and round controls.

Control Power, Pump, Blower, Light and Lock Functions

White or Chrome Trim

Compact Round Control Options

Flexible, Powerful Controller Boxes
Flexible, Powerful Controller Boxes

Nexxus™ Bath Controller Boxes are easy to install and expand for a multitude of bath system installations. The complete system includes a digital controller, solenoid valve controller and a basic air button controller.

Control Pump, Blower, Lights and Valves

One Set of Controllers for All Topside Controls

Operate Powerful Massage Therapy