CMP LED Bubbler 30sec

THE ONLY LED BUBBLER FOR GUNITE, VINYL & FIBERGLASS POOLS. Offer your customers a backyard filled with soothing sound and brilliant color. Brilliant Wonders® LED Bubblers shoot streams up to thirty inches high in a vivid display of LED color. CONCEPTUAL PRODUCT INSTALLATION. Always follow all product instruction guidelines during installation.

LED Bubbler Fountain Effects 30sec

Choose from three water fountain features that can be adjusted for a perfect pool on nearly any pool or water display.

Three styles: Water Column, Three-Tier Fountain, Water Ball

Three-Tier Fountain Accessory

A classic three-tier fountain effect that makes a perfect pool centerpiece with LED light and soothing sound.

Column Fountain Accessory

Create a frothy vertical column of water that can be placed above or below the water’s surface for different effects.

Water Ball Fountain Accessory

The water ball is a relaxing effect that reflects LED light beautifully and can be “fine-tune” adjusted right at the nozzle.

Fountain Tri-Color Installation

Installation of CMP Brilliant Wonders Bubblers in a fountain water feature. Fountain in Pasadena, CA by: J Designs Pool and Spa, Inc. Video originally shot with a smartphone camera.

About this installation:
The fountain is only 16 inches deep and the bubbler is at 6" below water line.
Powered by a Tristar 1HP pool pump, with automation controls and actuators to turn on/off lights or bubblers.
The fountain has a deep blue plaster finish and glass tile to accent the water in daytime. This installation has a cantilever concrete that blends with the entrance deck as is the same concrete finish. There is also an additional led light to be lit with a low voltage transformer all night as a safety feature so that no one falls in or trips in the edge.

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