Protect Your Pool from Running Dry

Fully Portable Auto Level
Fully Portable Auto Level

A fully automatic water level from CMP, the AquaLevel is quick to setup and simple to use. It fits a standard garden hose connection, so no special tools are required. The AquaLevel is a perfect solution for vacation homes, rental properties, and worry-free pool refills.

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Attractive and Unobtrusive
Attractive and Unobtrusive

The In Ground AquaLevel model is available with a white or tan top lid. The gently sloping lid looks clean and sleek from above the pool. The AquaLevel is the most attractive portable auto leveler available. Just say no to boxy, ugly auto levelers.

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AquaLevel™ Water Leveler – Portable

Anyone can install the AquaLevel in minutes with a standard garden hose. Since it's fully portable, the AquaLevel can be used as needed. It's the fast and simple way to protect your pool.

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