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The CMP replacement parts collection grows every year, including heavy duty options that out-perform OEM originals

FlowSkim™ Skimmer Baskets
FlowSkim™ Skimmer Baskets

The FlowSkim™ Basket handle is offered on two popular heavy duty baskets, and can be added to other models.

Patent-Pending Handle Design

Protects your pump from running dry

Aids in skimmer basket removal and cleaning

FlowSkim™ Baskets

Auto Cleaner Parts
Auto Cleaner Parts

New replacement parts are frequently added and the collection continues to grow on a regular basis. Components are stocked for the most popular pressure-side and suction-side pool cleaners.

Perfect match for OEM original parts

Replacements for regular wear components including Zodiac’s 280 style replacement velcro bag with clip and more.

Pro Tips: Two-Bag System

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CMP Replacement Baskets
CMP Replacement Baskets

CMP Heavy Duty Baskets are twice as thick as OEM original baskets. Skimmer baskets have lay-flat stainless steel handle and built in metal weight.

Zinc anode available to reduce galvanic corrosion

Bottom “feet” to prevent breakage from high pressure

CMP offers a wide selection of standard baskets, including many hard-to-find models.

Heavy Duty Baskets

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Request More Info on CMP Pool Replacement Parts

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