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The Complete Modern Spa®

We believe the best spa water happens with a small amount of residual sanitizer, combined with a strong advanced sanitizer. This combo creates water that is clean and clear for bathers, with systems that break down and destroy all contaminants. We call this The Complete Modern Spa.®

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Through Ozone and AOP products, find the perfect sanitizer combination for every spa. DEL products represent the most advanced sanitizer technology in the industry.


DEL Advanced Sanitizer Products from CMP offer the most complete and effective sanitizer product line for spas. Simple to understand and implement, with two technologies available in Spa and Swim Spa output sizes.


Through implementing premier engineering from DEL & Aqua Sun Ozone, CMP has assembled the best-built products available. All DEL products use modern corona discharge cells that are nearly bulletproof, with an extremely long life. DEL products for spas and swim spas are compact, simple to install and easy to service. 


Reduce Chemical Demand

By allowing your Advanced Sanitizer system to quickly act on pool contaminants, chlorine is free to work better. This reduces the chemical demand and greatly reduces the amount of chemicals that have to be added to the water. Every hot tub can experience a reduction in chemicals and a reduction in annual chemical costs.

Destroy Chemical Resistant Organisms

AOP, Ozone and UV can destroy or inactivate dangerous contaminants that can be present in any backyard spa. These Advance Sanitizers are effective against microorganisms like Cryptosporidium, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.


When germicidal UV light (UV-C) and ozone react through the Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) powerful hydroxyl radicals are produced. 

AOP is dramatically more powerful than other sanitizers, and even more powerful than Ozone alone. The highly unstable hydroxyl radicals react with contaminants through strong oxidation reactions. This process happens almost instantaneously.




Ozone systems provide clean, clear and safe water for your pool, as well as a significant reduction in chemical sanitizer use. 

  • Destroys Chemical Resistant Organisms
  • Oxidizes Contaminants
  • Penetrates Biofilm Buildup
  • Micro-Clarifies Spa Water
  • Reduces Chemical Demand

Important Information for Del Ozone and Aqua Sun Ozone customers.

In 2017 and 2018, Del and ASO became a part of the CMP product family. The two most-respected and experienced names in ozone for portable spas are now under one roof.

As a part of this transition, the two product lines are being merged to create one complete product line with the best technology available. Here’s what you need to know:

Brand Names

All products are transitioning to the Del name brand. Many of the products you love will still be around, but under a new banner.

Product Transition

While all products will remain available for a time, once all regulatory and product requirements have been met some products will be discontinued.


CMP will continue to support products in the field, or replace with an equivalent product when appropriate.

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