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10 CMP Pool Products for
Successful Spring Pool Openings

Pool season is around the corner and your customers are looking for the best deals on quality, reliable products. CMP offers a wide selection of parts to help you get them ready. When it’s time to open the pool, it can mean lots of cleaning, upgrading and minor repairs. Get every pool prepped and ready with quality CMP products.

Heavy Duty Baskets

CMP Heavy Duty Baskets are twice as thick as OEM original baskets. Skimmer baskets have lay-flat stainless steel handle and built in metal weight. Select models are available with a zinc anode to reduce galvanic corrosion. Our heavy duty pump baskets have added ‘feet’ to prevent breakage from high pressure. Altogether CMP offers a wide selection of pool replacement baskets, including many hard-to-find models.

heavy duty pool pump basket

Heavy Duty Baskets from CMP are a perfect match for the original, but twice as tough!

280 Bags 2-packs

One of the biggest pain points with automatic cleaners is emptying out the dirty bag. And with a pool opening there are going to be a lot of dirty bags! We’ve talked to several pool service pros and their number one tip for easily emptying a cleaner bag is to use a two bag system. This is how it works:

  • When the cleaner bag is full, pull the cleaner out and remove the bag as usual.
  • Set the first bag aside, replace with your second bag and put the cleaner back in the pool
  • Allow the original bag to completely dry, then open and remove debris
  • Repeat as needed

This method is easier, better for the velcro and reduces the “ick” factor of emptying the cleaner bag. CMP now offers a 280 Replacement Bag Two-Pack especially for this purpose.

Auto Cleaner Replacement Parts

At CMP we are proud to offer a continually expanding line of replacement components for popular automatic pool cleaners. Our selection gives you a complete alternative to more expensive OEM replacement parts for Polaris®, Aquabot® and other cleaners. CMP parts performance is matched in quality in side-by-side comparisons with OEM parts and they all come with the Twelve Month Warranty. CMP provides industry certified production with factory standards quality. Our main production facility is ISO 9001 certified and NQA registered. CMP products are all rated and certified to high safety and quality standards. Learn More About CMP Replacement Parts

CMP has the most complete collection of automatic cleaner replacement parts with factory original quality

Pool Defender Inline Anode & Water Bond

The Pool Defender Inline can be added onto a pool in line with the current system. An electrical current can be generated in a pool from multiple sources, even when the pool is not running. This current must be controlled to meet new building codes and to prevent corrosive damage to metal pool components. Pool Defender® provides an easier path for electrical current, protecting expensive metal pool components. When properly bonded, the Inline Pool Defender can help protect the entire pool from galvanic corrosion.

The Pool Defender Inline Anode is a great add-on option for existing pools

S-2000 Automatic Cleaner

The S-2000 is a reliable suction side cleaner with a durable and tested design.

The S-2000 is a great cleaner option for many pools

In Ground Light Repair Fitting

A damaged niche can lead to difficult and costly repairs, but it doesn’t have to. The in ground pool light adapter is easy to install, saving service techs and customers time and frustration. The CMP Light Repair Adapter Fitting replaces a stripped or damaged pool light faceplate. This fitting is designed to take the place of the screw and notch connections on the light faceplate.

Complete the repair without removing the light cord

CMP Multi Tool

The CMP Pool Fitting Multi-tool is designed to fit the notch or groove in many standard pool fittings from multiple manufacturers. This tool is also perfect for many common pool tasks. It is made from high-grade stainless steel, which proves that it will hold up through tough jobs.

Everyone should have the CMP Multi-tool available for basic pool service

Leaf Trap

The CMP Leaf Trap is an excellent pool vacuum accessory for debris-filled pools. When vacuuming, stopping to empty the basket or flush the filter can slow things down. The Leaf Trap attaches inline with the vacuum hose. Debris is captured in an easy to clean location. The lid twists on and off with a quick release, so you can keep working instead of wasting time cleaning the equipment. Every Leaf Trap has a Heavy Duty molded handle, two ports for attaching to the vac hose and includes nine feet of vacuum hose.

The CMP Leaf trap is available with a mesh debris net or a heavy duty debris basket

Pump Lid Removal Tool

Pump lids have a habit of getting stubborn and stuck over winter. Don’t break out the hammer yet! The CMP Pump Lid Removal tool is made of heavy duty steel and can get a real grip on many stubborn pump lids. It’s a great tool to keep handy for pool pump lids that just won’t budge.

Simplify pump lid removal with the CMP Heavy Duty Pump Lid tool

Ladder and Step Replacement Parts

One of the most common replacements in the spring and early pool season is ladder components. Steps can get damaged over the winter, or become brittle and cracked. Even minor items like bumpers, escutcheons and screws may need replacement. CMP has a great selection of ladder accessories to clean and upgrade every pool ladder for the new season.

  • Male and Female Bumpers, including Two-Packs
  • Ladder Bolt complete sets
  • Ladder Anchor Sockets
  • Plastic and Stainless Steel Escutcheons
  • Complete Replacement Steps

Most common wear and replacement items for ladders can be replaced with CMP products


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