Econ Series Jet (100-E Jet)

100-E Jet 100-E Jet
100-E Jet
CMP Part Number Full Description
24100-000-100 Swirl Escutcheon Directional Eyeball Insert
24100-000-300 Round Escutcheon Directional Eyeball Insert
24100-000-400 Round Escutcheon Rotational Eyeball Insert
24100-000-500 Round Escutcheon Directional Eyeball with Extended Legs for Thick Tubs
24100-000-800 Round Escutcheon Rotational Eyeball with Extended Legs for Thick Tubs
24100-100-100 Smooth Escutcheon Directional Eyeball
24100-900-000 3-Scallop Escutcheon Directional Eyeball
24100-000-040 3-Scallop Escutcheon and Rotational Eyeball
24100-000-040 Wall Fitting
24100-000-052 Extended Wall Fitting for Thick Tubs
24100-000-070 Gasket
24100-000-200 1" Adjustable Jet Body
24101-000-200 1" Non-Adjustable Jet Body
24000-000-200 26MM Adjustable Jet Body
24000-000-205 26MM V-Body Adjustable with Check Valve
24001-000-200 26MM Non-Adjustable Jet Body
24100-000-220 1" L-Body, Adjustable
24101-000-220 1" L-Body, Non-Adjustable
24000-000-220 26MM L-Body Adjustable
24000-000-225 26MM L-Body Adjustable with Check Valve
24001-000-220 26MM L-Body, Non-Adjustable
24100-999-999 Tool for Wall Fitting