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AOP: The Next Wave Of Technology–Now

Introducing the Next Generation of AOP

Welcome to the new Golden Age of swimming pools!

Everyone is “stay-cating” these days and wants a pool or spa in their backyard post-haste. We are fortunate to be a part of this industry and grateful for the opportunity to help make people happy with their backyard and outdoor living options.

The pool and spa industry is due for a technological revolution right about now. Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) swimming pool sanitizer systems are poised to lead the charge. AOP systems have improved and lately they’re gaining a lot of traction. But first, a little AOP-101.

About AOP

AOP is a relatively uncomplicated process that combines ozone and ultraviolet (UV) light. These are two well-known supplemental sanitizing technologies. They combine to create hydroxyl radicals, which are said to have the highest known oxidation reduction potential (ORP). ORP measures the ability of a body of water to cleanse itself using oxygen present in the water. The higher the ORP, the better the sanitizers can work at destroying the bad stuff.

Sounds amazing right? Hydroxyl radicals also destroy organic and inorganic contaminants. And they do it really fast compared to traditional feeder-style sanitizers like chlorine.

These systems have been around for a while and are gaining quite the following. Most professionals are sold on the technology when they see how great they work. Many believe AOP is a life-saver in time and even inventory management.

Are you a pool professional? When discussing AOP with clients, there are some things you should know about choosing and installing an AOP system:

Compared To The Rest

Many AOP products have been introduced to the market over the years. Some have done well while others fall short due to poor design or outdated components. Then there are those in the industry that claim AOP is all “smoke and mirrors.” We find it’s important to keep an open mind and trust the science.

Below are some things to avoid when choosing an Advanced Sanitizer system.

– Non-validated & Under-certified Systems: systems lacking any certification or those with physical components certified but no certification on efficacy should be a red flag when considering how effective their sanitizing capabilities are
– Old Technologies & Outdated Systems: those that use old tech like UV bulbs instead of corona discharge or undersized components as opposed to full-size injectors
– Poorly Designed Systems: units might be designed so poorly that installing them becomes overly complicated or they never get repaired or serviced once installed because cabinets are overpacked and components are inaccessible

Next Generation AOP products from CMP address many concerns from professionals including difficult installation, hard to maintain or winterize, and just general concern that the unit is actually working.

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CMP Next Generation AOP

Benefits & Features

– Full Flow Plumbing Design To Treat All The Water
– Smart Feedback System Constantly Shows Unit Is Working
– Third-Party Verification: NSF 50 Certified Supplemental Sanitizer

Because All Of The Water Should Be Treated

Effective AOP systems are completely self-contained so they have fewer parts and are streamlined for a quick and efficient setup. An all-in-one design simplifies the overall process also making it less complicated to maintain. Full flow plumbing means that 100% of the entire body of pool water is treated.

Systems with separate external injectors can be difficult to install. More plumbing is involved and care must be taken to control back pressures and sidestreams. A system with one port in, one port out helps speed up installation and reduce errors. Homeowners and bathers can rest assured they are swimming in safe, clean and clear pool water.

Sanitizer Smart Status™

The best systems show the system status at all times, so you can easily see the unit is working without having to look inside. The DEL AOP 40 design includes a new Sanitizer Smart Status™ system that constantly checks for proper operation of critical systems including ozone, UV and power. It’s always verifying active system operation and alerts you when it’s time to maintain the unit.

The Most Legitimate AOP Sanitizer Offering On The Market

There are a few recognized ways to generate AOP. Techniques that are measurable and quantifiable offer the best option. By verifying output, these systems can also receive third-party validation.

– Creating hydroxyls with ozone and UV is the most measurable way to produce AOP. We know exactly how much ozone is made and the power of the bulb.
– Ozone generated by true corona discharge and a separate UV-C bulb produces more ozone & hydroxyl radicals.
– Third-party validation is important. The NSF provides comprehensive inspection, testing – including microbial disinfection efficacy testing – that helps ensure a product is in compliance.
– The best systems are NSF-50 certified for a microbial kill, telling you what type and how fast microbes are destroyed. There are many levels and categories of NSF-50 certification. Look for systems certified specifically for their sanitizing power.

Who Is The Ideal AOP Customer?

Offer AOP products from CMP to customers who:
✔️ Want the very best pool sanitizer offering
✔️ That care about 3rd-party validation
✔️ Are already comfortable with advanced sanitizers
✔️ Are looking for the best installation and maintenance experience

How much is peace of mind worth? If homeowners are at all concerned about healthy water and liability (think “pool-sharing”) they should get on board pretty quickly.

Pool owners are impressed by AOP. Concerns about healthy water and keeping family and friends safe in the pool are top of mind for them these days. Much like salt pool sales, once that initial conversation happens, homeowners are usually already sold on it. They’ve already done the research. They want one on their pool and you can’t get it on there quick enough.

Building AOP into new pool constructions is easier than ever. Homeowners are looking at their backyards like a blank canvas these days. Adding advanced sanitization into the build is an absolute no-brainer. There is no good excuse for not upselling customers to AOP right now.

Perfect For New Constructions And Existing Pools

AOP isn’t just for pool builders though! This system is great for the service technicians looking for extra revenue. It’s perfect for the 8 million-plus pools already out there as well as new pools. Next Gen AOP systems are designed so that all pool professionals can offer DEL AOP sanitizers to their customers for the best swimming pool experience.

Like with inline chlorinators, the AOP sanitizers can provide a continuous revenue stream to the pool service side. Ultraviolet bulbs and ozone units will need periodic replacement which could really help those businesses looking for repeat business opportunities.

Pool owners want the cleanest, healthiest pool possible and they want it now. Pool professionals want an easy to install system their customers are willing to pay for that works. We give you Next Gen AOP™ products made by CMP.

Contact your CMP Representative to learn more about Next Generation DEL AOP products.


Next-generation Advanced Oxidation for pools is here! From CMP, makers of the highly acclaimed DEL AOP Advanced Sanitizer Systems.

Learn more at c-m-p.com/AOP. Find all available residential pool sanitizers at c-m-p.com.

We also sell Sanitizer Systems for commercial pools and aquatics. Visit cmpcommercial.com to learn more.

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