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CMP Announces 2015 Winter Early Buy

Yearly Special Offers from CMP Set to Begin Soon

Newnan, Georgia (May 29, 2015) CMP announced this month the beginning of the 2015 Winter Early Buy season. The Early Buy is a valued offering across the pool industry that can allow distributors and retailers to plan supply ahead of the season at the best possible prices. While summer is just beginning, it is prime time for distributors to begin planning for the upcoming pool season.

The CMP Winter Early Buy includes exclusive offers on Winterizing Products. The products offered under this program have been expanding for 2015 to include new off-season pool care tools. CMP offers many products for winter pool care, including:

Skimmer Winterizing Tubes

Pool Fitting Plugs

Leaf Trap Vacuum Accessory

The Winter Early Buy is an exclusive offer for CMP partner distributors. For more information on this and other offers from CMP, distributors should contact their CMP Pool Representative or contact CMP Customer Service at 800.733.9060 or CS@c-m-p.com.

Get More Info on the Pool Winter Early Buy

CMP is the premier supplier of pool, spa and bath products. CMP was founded over twenty years ago with the premise “Take care of our customers and they will take care of us.” Since then CMP has grown dramatically, providing industry professionals with a wide array of products including spa jets, water features, led products, white goods, VGB drains, valves and replacement parts.

CMP brands include: Natural Wonders™, Brilliant Wonders®, Hydroseal™, Air X™, SQR™, Aqua Effects®, Caress™, Aqua Elements®, Flowskim™, ProLoc™ and Spectrum™.

CMP designs, manufactures and distributes product from multiple locations including Georgia, California, The Netherlands and Australia. CMP Products are carries by distributors and OEMs in the U.S, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

For More Information Contact:
CMP Customer Support
36 Herring Road
Newnan, Georgia 30263
Ph: 800.733.9060

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