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COMING SOON: Archfall Water Feature for Hot Tubs [Video]

Have you ever found that one, perfect item that seems to just go with everything? Say hello to your new favorite “go-to” waterfall.

Whether installed vertically or horizontally, the Archfall creates a balanced, arched flume that can be adjusted with the integrated flow control. This waterfall raises the bar when it comes to versatility. Now all you have to do is figure how to deal with all of the hot tub envy. Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the premier water feature design.

Integrated Control Valve

The built-in control valve simplifies installation and reduces customer confusion. Specially designed for easy removal and cleaning for perfect operation.

Customizable Logo Insert

Easy to customize with your own logo or design. The waterfall body and control can also be molded in your own custom color to perfectly complement the hot tub design.


Arched Water Flume

Precise internal engineering minimizes turbulence, aligning the flow to create a beautiful arched water effect that gracefully tapers to a gentle water entry.

LED Lighting Ready

LED lighting creates an attractive accent around the waterfall with a soft, colorful glow. Two back ports are built in for LED lights, and designed for simple integration with standard LED lighting systems.


The AquaEffects Archfall will be available soon. Complete the form below or contact your CMP Spa Products Representative for more information.


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