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Meet Team CMP: Dana Nelson, Sr. Production Scheduler & Testing Coordinator

We occasionally post about employees at CMP for their esteemed achievements and general awesomeness. You may recall the previous spotlight on Jason McGuire in Engineering.

In our latest ‘Meet Team CMP’ post, we present to you an industry veteran brought over from DEL Ozone. Dana Nelson, CMP Sr. Production Scheduler & Testing Coordinator has nearly 30 years combined working as a pool industry professional.

Dana and Agnes next to some CMP Commercial equipment.


CMP: What did you want to be when you were growing up Dana?

Dana: The answer to this question has evolved over time. In order from the beginning: mailman, UPS driver, fireman, engineer, and finally to pool industry professional.

CMP: Interesting! We hear you’re still into putting out fires (wink, wink). But, how exactly does one go from slinging packages to working in the pool & spa industry? 

DN: I began working for DEL Ozone in June of 1994, accepting an entry level role as a summer job, and I never left! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed ‘growing up’ in this industry. We have a lot of amazing people, and I enjoy seeing the industry develop and embrace technology.

CMP: Have you ever worked in the industry before DEL & CMP? What about other departments?

DN: My time in the industry has been split between DEL & CMP. Over the years, I’ve had an opportunity to work in several departments which has helped me appreciate the challenges that come with each.

CMP: Good to know! Do you have any hobbies to share?

DN: I’m pretty active and enjoy hiking, biking, and board-sports. I also enjoy spending time with family and doing home improvement projects. 

Dana Nelson's family

Dana’s lovely family.


CMP: We are all total DIY-ers on this team and can’t learn enough ways to improve things around the house and office. I bet your family (pictured above so beautifully) can really appreciate that about you.

CMP: What is your current role at CMP? If possible, take us through a typical day in your job/department.

DN: Currently, I split my time between planning/scheduling for production and performing final tests of our commercial ozone/AOP products. I generally focus on production planning to start the day, and transition to my test coordinator role as production jobs are completed. 

CMP: In what circumstances would an employee come to you for something?

DN: I still carry the unofficial title of “DEL guy,” as I carry a good amount of tribal knowledge. I’m happy to share and offer my advice to anyone who asks for it.

CMP: We really can’t thank you enough for it Dana!

🎞 Watch as Dana and other Ozone experts at CMP answer some fun questions about swimming pools and ozone!


CMP: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

DN: In the early 2000’s, I went through a skydiving phase and accumulated over 130 jumps. I hope to resume some day…

CMP: Oh wow! That sounds frighteningly exciting!! (Us shaking our heads and indicating we will never, ever, ever be joining him)

CMP: What about other fun stuff you do outside of hobbies? Play any instruments? Are you crafty?

DN: Unless the triangle counts, that’s a firm no on playing instruments! I do enjoy working with my hands though, and I actually know my way around a sewing machine.

A cool cat using a sewing machine.

A cool cat sewing stuff.


CMP: Use three words to describe working at CMP and explain why.

DN: Teamwork – we have a great team here, and we all work well together to solve whatever challenges come our way.

Opportunity – the company does an excellent job of providing growth opportunities. We have several here who have transitioned into new roles since joining the team. And they are thriving in their new roles!

Customer-focused – Listening to customer feed-back allows us to improve our products, and deliver a better value for our base.  

CMP: Your words give us ALL the feels Dana!

CMP: What is your favorite part of your job?

DN: Problem resolution & customer satisfaction. Working with the team to solve challenges and/or delight customers offers the greatest reward. 

CMP: You are customer-focused aren’t you?!

Dana Nelson's pups.

Dana’s pups.


CMP: Do you have any pets?

DN: We have 2 American Bullies – Zeeta & Zarley. A couple of sweet-hearts! 

CMP: OMG!! (hearts exploding) We are available whenever you need puppy-sitters! Seriously, do you need help with walks? Trips to the park? More hugs? #CallUs 🤙  

CMP: If you could add one thing to the CMP office, what would it be? (we already asked about pets!)

DN: You know the massage chair booth that will appear at some tradeshows? One of those in the breakroom would be a real win for the team!

CMP: Yes, we love those chairs at the shows! That is not a terrible idea Dana. We vote yes!

A massage chair gift.

This massage chair is on our wish list.

CMP: What’s your guilty pleasure while at work? 

DN: Starbucks coffee, unlimited! I’m singlehandedly responsible for a significant portion of that budget, that’ll be our little though secret, right? 

CMP: We got you! ☕️ Have you seen our gourmet coffee station? We were gifted a gourmet coffee station and bring in whole coffee beans to grind fresh. We know you’re busy, but please stop by for a fresh pour over when you can Dana!

Thank you again Dana for taking time to share your life with us. Please keep us posted on resuming those skydiving adventures. We would love to see footage or pics of that if you have them!


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