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Meet Team CMP: Jason McGuire, Engineering Manager

We occasionally post about employees at CMP for their esteemed achievements and general awesomeness. You may recall the previous spotlight on Jacob Heaven, which made him quite the celebrity around the cubicles.

For this post, we put the spotlight on CMP Engineering Manager, Jason McGuire. He’s quite enthusiastic when it comes to employee events . . . we had such a blast doing the Scavenger Hunt!

Jason thoroughly enjoying a Frigid Frog icy treat.

CMP: Hey Jason! What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Jason: A marine biologist – someone who studies the biology of marine life in the sea. (That’s great! We can totally see you in the red beanie.) 🐳

Bill Murray channeling Jacques Cousteau in Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic.

Bill Murray channeling Jacques Cousteau in Wes Anderson’s Life Aquatic.

CMP: How did you come to know about and begin working at CMP?

JM: I contacted a former colleague/manager who was a current employee of CMP.

CMP: Have you ever worked in the pool/spa industry before CMP?

JM: No.

CMP: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

JM: People may not know that I was born in Germany.

CMP: Do you speak any German?

JM: I do not, except for a few phrases like ‘Good Morning,’ ‘No,’ and how to order beer. (Guten Morgen. Bier mich!)

CMP: So, what is your role at CMP? Take us through a typical day in your job/department.

JM: Email, meetings, meetings, more email, and a splash of one to two evening conference calls during the week.

CMP: What’s it like managing engineering processes at CMP? Are you managing people too? …like Jacob? That could be a job in itself! (JK! We heart you boo)

Herding kittens

JM: CMP has been a company in transition and change since I started approximately five years ago. What I enjoy is CMP has been on an upward trajectory. We continually strive to improve and to add process to a company that was historically run as a small business with minimal process control.

I manage most of the engineering department. What I like about being a manager is trying to create an environment where people enjoy coming to work. I enjoy making decisions to help make CMP a better place to work than it was the day before. I enjoy collaborating with my team. The purpose of a team is to accomplish objectives and perform tasks that would be extremely difficult or impossible alone. It is a great feeling to be on the end of a successful objective with a great team working together.

CMP: In what circumstances would fellow employees come to you for something?

JM: To seek out the status of an existing engineering deliverable NPI or ECN. (We’re familiar with New Product Introduction. And in case you don’t know, ECN stands for Engineering Change Notice, which basically initiates a proposed change to an existing component or system, and is a vital process in manufacturing that helps us understand and keep track of the evolution of a particular design or part.)

CMP: What is your favorite part of your job?

JM: Working with a team to accomplish objectives impossible to achieve alone. (We hear that is an amazing concept!)

CMP: Do you have pets?

JM: Yes, we have two dogs. Charlie and Lola.

Charlie and Lola

Jason’s pups, Charlie and Lola.

CMP: Do you have any hobbies?

JM: Taking my kids to extracurricular activities. (That’s like a second job in itself!)

CMP: Do you play any instruments?

JM: No, I do not play. But I did sell a CD to Chris Tucker when I worked at Barnes and Noble in college. 🤑

CMP: Are you crafty? (Woodworking, Cross stitch, Artist).

JM: No, but I have performed small appliance repair at home. (Some folks will pay a small fee for that?)

CMP: If you could add one thing to the CMP office, what would it be? (a gym, merry-go-round, test spa)

JM: A foosball table.

CMP: We’ve heard multiple requests for a game room and fully support the idea. No cinema though? We’ve heard you’re a movie buff.

JM: I have always enjoyed movies from the time I was a young child. If I had to pick a movie that ignited my love for movies, I would have to say the original Star Wars movies. A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. (We knew there was a reason we liked you Jason!)

CMP: What do you love most about movies?

JM: My favorite thing about movies is the suspension of reality. Great movies make you feel something. A great movie immerses you in another world. It makes you feel what the characters in the story feel.

CMP: What’s it like working with pool and spa products, customers, and industry professionals?

JM: Customers are very demanding. We are working hard to be an innovator in this space. I am excited about an ownership group dedicated to this industry. (Nodding our heads in agreement)

Nodding in agreement

CMP: What’s your guilty pleasure while at work? We were gifted a gourmet coffee station and you are more than welcome to try it.

JM: My Bose headphones for listening to music. (We love our Beats. They’re a lifesaver!)

Jason and his Bose headphones

Jason and his Bose cans.

Thanks again Jason for taking the time to share with us. Follow @cmppoolspa on social media to see the next employee spotlight and to stay up on all things CMP.


Interested in working with Jason and all the other awesome people at CMP? Visit our career page to view open opportunities.

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