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How to use the new C-M-P.com Spanish Mode




Spanish is the third most common spoken language in the world, with over 350 million native speakers. As a global company, our goal is to support pool, spa and bath professionals worldwide. So we are very excited to announce the new Spanish Mode for C-M-P.com. 


Switching to Spanish Mode is fast and simple. You will find a new language switcher on the top right side of the website menu bar. This is located on every single page of the website. Once you select your language, the switch should be immediate. When in mobile mode using a phone or some tablets, the language switcher will be located at the bottom of the web page.

When in Spanish Mode you will see a “Beta” icon on the top left. We took the time to have almost every page on our website hand-translated. Right now we are at about 95% completion. That means there will still be a few lines here and there that may have been missed, and probably a few errors. Our translation team will be wrapping up that last 5% of the website needing minor updates soon. If you come across any mistakes you can report them at www.c-m-p.com/spanish-beta-mode.

Screenshot 2016-03-21 09.52.21


This was a massive undertaking and a major upgrade to the CMP website. It was important to our team that we do more than add a tool that would automatically computer translate our website. Instead, every line of our website was updated by hand by professional translators. We have added a spectacular new translation partner, EVS Translations, headquartered in Germany with an office right here in Atlanta! It was important that we establish a long-term partner to professionally support our global customer base. Because when the difference is in the details, everything matters!

Screenshot 2016-03-21 10.05.44

If you have any questions about the new Spanish mode on the website, you can contact CMP Customer Service team for assistance. You can also submit any questions or concerns at www.c-m-p.com/spanish-beta-mode.


CMP is the premier supplier of pool, spa and bath products, and we truly believe that the difference is in the details. CMP started with a very simple idea: “Take care of our customers and they will take care of us.” This simple idea has proven to be a very good business plan. Pool, Spa, and Bath industry professionals worldwide have grown to depend on CMP products, service and support.

Client relationships are a CMP Core Strength. We strive to help our client’s business grow. We believe in building long-term relationships, and we work to understand each client’s individual business needs. We know that for CMP to succeed, our clients and partners must succeed first. Your needs come first: the goal is to help you grow your business.

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