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SQRâ„¢ Systems vs. Standard Jet Installation Video

AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY FROM CMP.  SQR™ is a Simple, Quick & Reliable spa component installation system. The patented body and grommet gasket design combination is absolutely the most effective method of spa component installation in the industry.

SQRâ„¢ applies basic laws of physics to create a superior seal, while addressing the issues created by typical torque compression systems.

Wondering what this SQRâ„¢ video is all about?

Portable spa components have been installed essentially the same way for almost 40 years. It’s about time for something better! We took a trip out to a large spa manufacturing facility to find out just how much better SQR really is! While we were there we shot this video to show you how revolutionary the SQR spa component installation system is.

The video shows a side-by-side comparison of a standard jet installation and the SQR system on a single lounge seat. In the video you see the slow process on the right using standard parts. The old-fashioned standard install requires multiple steps, numerous parts, and messy sealants ending around 6 minutes and 20 seconds.

The modern and unique SQR installation system is shown on the left ending around 4 minutes and 20 seconds, a full 2 minutes before the traditional method. It requires fewer tools and steps making for a much faster setup. Each step in the SQR process is simplified for a more efficient process and rapid turnaround.

As seen in the video the SQR installer finishes 2 minutes earlier. That’s 2 minutes saved on a single seat! Just imagine how much time is saved throughout the entire installation. So, while the installers on the right continue plugging away using the standard method, the SQR installers have already cleaned up, gone home and are sitting back relaxing!




NO Backside Surface Grinding

NO Nuts, Comp Rings or Gaskets

NO Expensive Sealants

which means…

FASTER Setup, RAPID Install, FEWER Steps

FEWER Errors, BETTER Seals, PROVEN Results


SQR™ CONTROLS: SQR system controls are an exclusive option from CMP. Not only do these controls offer the simple and quick reliability of SQR, the unique design opens up completely new options for LED topside control lighting design.

SQRâ„¢ COMPLETE PROGRAMS: Our goal is to provide complete programs that can transform your spa design process. SQR is a complete system for installing spa components, and more products are being added every year.


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