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Top 5 CMP Products Available Now and 2017

After seeing all the new products at the International Pool Spa Patio Expo we thought we would point out a few great ones we came up with. Let us know what new CMP products excite you the most. Just complete the form below and a representative will contact you with information. Introducing the Top 5 New CMP Products available now and coming in 2017.



Maximum Brightness with Lower Wattage

The beam-focusing lens creates a direct light on the bubbler plume, leaving the area around the bubbler dark. This focused power creates a bright water feature effect without required overpowered wattage.

Versatile, Efficient, and Easy to Install

The small size a focused lighting is perfect for installs in groups or small areas. The efficient light means you can install more bubblers on in a pool on a single transformer, and installation is simple with revolutionary compact design and waterproof quick disconnect.

Smart Sync™ Technology

With Smart Sync Technology, Brilliant Wonders LED Products including the 4″ LED Bubbler can be installed on any pool with compatibility with most pool automation. Most pool lighting only work with controls from the lighting OEM, and that limits your lighting choices. With Smart Sync technology the next pool you build doesn’t have to be limited by your lighting options.

Installs in Gunite, Fiberglass or Vinyl Pools

The 4″ LED Bubbler is designed for any pool. The install in a gunite is seamless with no trim ring required and a floating height adjustment for a perfect install. For Vinyl and Fiberglass five install kits are available for a color matched perfect installation. Every unit also has a true directional nozzle for a perfect install on slopes and beach style entries in any pool.

Everything you need in an LED Bubbler . . . just smaller.


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Your new favorite “go-to” waterfall for spas. Whether installed vertically or horizontally, Archfall creates a balanced, arched flume that can be adjusted with the integrated flow control. This waterfall raises the bar when it comes to versatility. Now all you have to do is figure out how to deal with all of the hot tub envy.

Integrated Control Valve

The built-in control valve simplifies installation and reduces customer confusion. Specially designed for easy removal and cleaning for perfect operation.

Customizable Logo Insert

Easy to customize with your own logo or design. The waterfall body and control can also be molded in your own custom color to perfectly complement the hot tub design.

Arched Water Flume

Precise internal engineering minimizes turbulence, aligning the flow to create a beautiful arched water effect that gracefully tapers to a gentle water entry.

LED Lighting Ready

LED lighting creates an attractive accent around the waterfall with a soft, colorful glow. Two back ports are built in for LED lights, and designed for simple integration with standard LED Lighting systems.

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High Flow Chlorinator Engineered for Variable Speed Pumps

You’ve given us feedback on variable speed pumps, and we’ve been listening. Variable speed systems are great for energy efficiency, but not for chlorine flow. Introducing Powerclean Ultra VS: the new chlorinator technology capable of maintaining high chlorine flow GPM on a low flow variable speed system.

Effective with System Flow as Low as 20 GPM

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Natural Wonders Laminar Deck Jets create a smooth laminar fountain effect for a classic pool accent unmatched by standard deck jets.

Precision Water Feature Engineering

Precise engineering and ease of serviceability set this water feature apart from others. A high performance stainless steel nozzle provides quality and durability. Tangential flow minimizes turbulence for a glass-like laminar flow while minimizing water entry splash.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Six layers of soft and safe premium filtration media are easy to clean and inexpensive to replace. For the first time ever, an IP68 waterproof quick-disconnect cord allows you to remove the laminar cannon for service without pulling 100 feet of cord.

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After so many years, it’s still one of the most popular cleaners and you’ve only had one place to purchase a true replacement bag. But now you finally have a choice.

Alternative “280” Style Replacement Bag with Heavy Duty Integrated Clip

Available in three bag styles: Standard, Sand / Silt and Heavy Duty Leaf Bags. Equipped with Double Strap Velcro Hose Loops and NEW Heavy Duty Snap-in Clip.

Industry’s Largest Selection of Auto Cleaner Replacement Parts

Factory standards quality without compromising affordability. CMP Automatic Cleaner Parts give you the quality, reliable alternative that you deserve. You and your customers deserve to have a true option when it’s time to repair and upgrade your automatic cleaners.

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