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[Video] How To Save with CMP Pool Cleaner Parts

Check out this informative demo on CMP Pool Cleaner Parts we made at the pool and spa show this year.

Learn about CMP Replacement Cleaner Parts with Kevin Lewis, CMP District Sales Leader (transcription below).

CMP Cleaner Parts Video Transcription

“CMP, I would say now has roughly 75 to 80%.. of the cleaner parts available now to do a 180, 280, and 380 style cleaner. You can’t even tell the difference (between the parts) they are so comparable to the OEM. One of the new parts that we’re excited with is our 280 style bag (that) now has the ability to clip-on. Our bags are probably 20% less than the OEM give or take,” explains Kevin. “This is an actual Polaris body (pointing to the part on the shelf) but, most of the parts are CMP parts. The tires, the wheels, the screws, the hose float, the bag.. all CMP parts,” he adds.

CMP has the largest selection available of alternate replacement parts for popular pool cleaners. Our components meet or exceed factory original quality and give you a real choice in components. We give you an option besides always returning to the OEM to get parts for cleaners and other popular pool equipment.

CMP high-capacity cleaner bags are the perfect replacement for OEM bags. Read about this awesome Pro Tip using a Two-Bag System.

Available in 2-pack

Available in 2-pack

CMP stocks parts for popular and hard-to-find components, and new parts are added frequently. Complete the form below or contact your CMP representative for more information. Visit www.c-m-p.com/clean to get the scoop on CMP Replacement Cleaner Parts.



Get the facts on Pool Cleaner Replacement Parts. CMP Automatic Cleaner Parts give you the quality, reliable alternative that you deserve. Read more about it in our blog:

Genuine Freedom of Choice in Cleaner Replacement Parts

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