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Is Salt Bad for Pools?

Is Salt Bad for Pools?

Wow! So we had a lot of fun with this topic. Pool Pros on our Facebook channel – Facebook.com/cmppoolspa – got into a series of debates and questions about salt systems.

It all started with our post linking to an article we wrote. It’s about how salt can be a great solution to CYA problems. See, the idea is that a chlorine generator puts YOU in control of how much CYA is in the water.

We decided to address some of the questions and concerns in a video. We love getting content ideas from you. If there are other questions, feedback, etc we can talk about, let us know in the comments.

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Simple AOP Installation

How fast and simple is the installation for the next gen AOP design. Well . . . you’ll just have to watch. But you’ve been warned, it happens fast!

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