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A Brand New Field Support Experience

Pool pros need on-demand product support in the field, where it counts. We created a totally mobile, user-friendly Tech Support Center to give pool pros a brand new field support experience. Access any time, day or night!



The CMP Tech Portal is designed for working professionals who need support in the field at any given moment. Think of this as a new home for CMP product support right on your phone.

It works on any device: tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop. No need to ever download anything, it just works right in your browser. Follow along with each step in an app-like experience. Content is readily available on all your devices.


In just a few clicks you have access to step-by-step instructions and videos. We take you through the process one step at a time, so every installation and repair feels easier. Videos, diagrams and more help make it easy to understand.


The portal is divided into four sections:

●  New Installation
●  Repair or Replace
●  FAQ & Troubleshooting
●  Manuals / Instructions

The Installation and Repair areas break down instructions into an easy step-by-step process with visual aids. Some steps also have video content. More video content will be added to more steps upon availability.

At the end of each session, you can go to the next chapter or return to the Chapter Table of Contents to begin a new session.


Below are screenshots showing you some examples of what you might see in the portal along with a few procedural details.

First: Select your product line. For this example, we’ve chosen the DEL product line. After this you will be given a list of products with step by step instructions available. Let’s try the DEL AOP 50!

After you select a model, you’ll choose which segment you want to work on. Instructions are broken into chapters so you can easily jump to the correct part of the job, instead of digging through pages of instructions to find the one thing you need.

For this example, we’ve chosen the DEL AOP 50 unit. You can see how the process is broken simply into each job, from location, plumbing or electrical to system start-up.

After reviewing the safety reminders, choose your segment and begin. For this example, we’ve chosen Plumbing Assembly for the DEL AOP 50 unit. Check out how the whole process is broken down into simple bite-sized chunks. It’s so easy to miss an important detail in a large instructions book. This will fix that problem!

Congratulations! After completing a chapter, you can jump right to the next chapter or go back to the main chapter list.


Support is made available for all CMP products and brands, including Brilliant Wonders, DEL and Powerclean. Updates and new items will be added over time.

For a truly interactive and mobile technical support experience, go with the CMP Tech Portal. Get started now 👉 c-m-p.com/tech.


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