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We truly believe the difference is in the details

CMP is a leader in products for the recreational pool and spa industry. Innovative products from CMP include sanitizer systems, white goods, LED lighting, water features and accessories.

CMP is committed to creating solutions for pool and spa industry professionals. Spa designers, pool builders, bath manufacturers and retail store owners around the world depend on CMP products, service and support.

Because when the difference is in the details, everything matters®.


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CMP not only gives you the freedom to choose the quality products your customers need, but also a high level of knowledge and service you won’t find anywhere else.


CMP is committed to offering solutions for pool, spa and bath professionals. Each and every CMP product is designed to perform exceptionally.


Pool, spa and bath professionals across the globe rely on CMP products every day. For reliable, durable and sustainable outdoor recreational products, you can depend on CMP.



Two friends in a college dorm room founded Custom Molded Products with one simple idea: “Take care of our customers and they will take care of us.” This has proven to be a very good business model for CMP.

We are committed to paying attention to those things that make a difference in the end. Our core values drive us as a company to strive for excellence. We choose to pay attention to the small things, because the difference is in the details. And we believe that when the difference is in the details, everything matters.

This mutually beneficial relationship is established when we consistently support our customers’ business objectives and by responding to their needs with superior service and product value.

This is always at the top of our values list. If you choose to make a focus on your customers, over time everyone will always benefit. More than “the customer’s always right,” this belief is proactive – meeting customers needs with superior service and product value.

We demonstrate this by creating a positive work environment that rewards performance by engaging in fair business practices, and by our integrity and honesty with our employees, vendors and customers.

In today’s world, commitment to loyalty is a game-changer. Nothing can replace integrity, honesty and fair practices. Choose to stand by your commitments when it really matters, you will reap the rewards.

Profit is achieved through successful products correctly priced and by dedicated attention to costs and efficiency.

This should go without saying, but when you run a business, profit matters! Profit’s about more than the bottom line. This growth gives the ability to impact the industry as a whole, share success with partners and provide a strong future for the company.

We recognize and seize opportunities that build upon our strengths and competencies.

Growth is baked into the DNA at CMP. This value can be a subtle one. If you don’t make a commitment to grow and build on strengths, then you’re probably shrinking. Every day you can choose to find one thing that’ll develop your competencies and seize on opportunity.

This is achieved by financial prudence and careful consideration of long term business trends and challenges.

The details don’t matter if we aren’t here tomorrow. It’s important to make decisions with an eye on tomorrow and how it affects not only the present, but future development. When it comes down to two choices, this value can make the difference in where you’ll ultimately end up.

We instill this in our company culture by repeatedly challenging our established policies, procedures and assumptions, and then decisively making changes when warranted.

Good for today doesn’t automatically ensure great tomorrow! We intentionally challenge the process because any system will unconsciously conspire to maintain the status quo. It’s OK to challenge policies, procedures and assumptions. . . this drives innovation and improvement.


CMP has received multiple awards for products, supply and customer service. In 2018 CMP received Vendor of the Year honors from the major organizations, including the world’s largest supplier of products for pools and spas.


2021 PSN Top 50 Products Award

2020 PSN Top 50 Products Award

2020 Aquatics Int’l Magazine Most Valuable Product

2019 IDN Supplier of the Year

2019 PSN Top 50 Products Award

2018 IPSP Best Green Product Award

2018 PoolCorp Vendor of the Year

2018 IDN Supplier of the Year

2018 WINDO Vendor of the Year

2018 IDN Customer Service Award

2018 PSN Top 50 Products Award

2017 PSN Top 50 Products Award

2016 IPSP Best Green Product Award

2016 IPSP Best Green Product Award

2014 IDN Supplier of the Year

2013 WINDO Outstanding Support & Service


With our award-winning team, get the products you need – fast.

Logistics & Shipping


With distribution centers near Atlanta, Georgia and in Parris, California, CMP offers complete logistic solutions to fit all of our customers’ needs. We have distributors across the US with local stock for cost effective shipping.

In addition to domestic shipping, we have distributors across the globe to quickly ship product to international customers.

Our State of the Art Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) provide fast and accurate details about stock status and in-transit inventory.


  • Warehousing
  • Bulk Order Fulfillment
  • Cross-Dock Shipping

Bulk Order Fulfillment


CMP offers Order Fulfillment Solutions within the US and with multiple global facilities including Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We provide a quick turnaround from order receipt to shipping and delivery to make your fulfillment process seamless and cost effective.

Scalability requires strategic planning for all types of peaks and valleys in sales. Our seasoned team partners with our clients to provide support during:

  • Seasonal or holiday peaks
  • Highly volatile promotions-based models
  • Rapid business growth

Get in touch. Call 800-733-9060 or reach out using our contact form: c-m-p.com/support/.

Warehouse Management


With CMP as a dedicated partner in your supply chain, you can concentrate on selling products while we handle the warehousing and distribution. Our strength is our ability to provide clients with multiple source solutions.

While the CMP-Newnan east coast distribution center serves customers within the eastern US, the CMP-West warehouse in Parris, CA serves west coast logistical needs. Both facilities are corporate-owned, giving CMP complete control of inventory and shipping operations.

In addition to US distribution centers, we have the aforementioned distribution centers across the globe to serve customers outside the US.

  • Improved reliability and supply
  • Experienced CMP staff on-site
  • Products get to customers quickly
  • Worldwide distribution network

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