[SpaRetailer Magazine] Episode #51: Design with a Purpose with Vic Walker & Allen Kalkomey

We’ve all become keenly aware of supply chains in 2020 — from toilet paper, to groceries, to all the things that make a hot tub.

Take a peek with us behind the curtain of how products come to be and what it’s like to understand, interest and balance manufacturer personalities.

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[PoolPro Magazine] Servicing High-End Pools — Luxury Water Care

Modern water purification and maintenance is a delicate blend of science, art and technical wizardry that can be confusing and intimidating, even for the seasoned builder and service provider.

For CMP Product Design and Marketing Director Vic Walker, the foundation of superior water purification is actually quite simple. “The best possible solution for any pool, high-end or otherwise, is to provide a residual and supplemental sanitizer system,” he says.

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[PoolPro Magazine] CMP Unveils New Salt Chlorine Generator

Newly designed Powerclean Salt from CMP lets users ditch the acid to clean chlorine generator cell plates. Brandon Miller, Owner of Cajun Pools & Spas in Louisiana, has “had great success with it and zero failures.”

“I really fell in love with the clear housing on the chlorinating cell,” says Chris Matthews, President of Easy Living Pools in Ohio. He says finding a salt chlorine generator that’s simple to maintain makes both his team and his customers happy.

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[Luxury Pools Magazine] Sizzling Fire Features and Dramatic Lighting

How to best incorporate fire and lighting into your poolscape and landscape for maximum impact. Creating a jaw-dropping outdoor space means invoking an element of drama.

“To be able to turn on fire that you can feel with the sound of falling water during twilight hour is an amazing experience,” says Anthony Santella of Total Pool & Patio.

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[PoolPro Magazine] DEL G-Class Still Tops

For more than 40 years, DEL-brand ozone systems have kept commercial pools sanitized.

CMP’s purchase of DEL Ozone in 2017 brought with it a portfolio of commercial products. Rob Thill, who oversees CMP’s commercial sales says that while CMP released its first commercial AOP and UV systems in 2020, the G-Class ozonator, released in 1975, is still the company’s “powerhouse.”

“We specialize in our systems,” Thill says. “A lot of people look at us as the subject matter experts and appreciate the fact that we’re out there supporting the units even far into the non-warranty period.”

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New 24/7 Product Tech Support Portal

CMP announces new mobile product support portal. Any customer can access the portal at any time and on any device. Visit the Tech Portal now and try it out.

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Aquatics International 2020 MVP

DEL AOP Pro was chosen by Aquatics International Magazine as one of their 2020 Most Valuable Products. Discover the multiple benefits to supplemental sanitization with DEL AOP Pro.

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