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A new leader in recreational water sanitizer systems emerges

Continuing our aggressive growth strategy, CMP acquires Aqua Sun Ozone, International (“ASO”), marking the third sanitizer maker purchase in less than a year. Following the latest acquisitions of DEL Ozone® and SGS Chlorinators, CMP welcomes ASO into the fold. This latest purchase solidifies our expanding organization’s reach in the recreational water sanitizer market.

ASO is known for products including AquaNova®, an AOP sanitizer designed for spa OEMs that eliminates water-borne contaminants and other by-products commonly found in hot tubs and pools. The AquaNova® has a compact, yet accommodating design that includes a built-in venturi injector, lamp timer, micro-ozone generator and easy bulb change.

Founder and president of ASO, Desirée Otero expresses excitement about the next chapter for the business saying “CMP is great for ASO, and we are confident they will provide additional opportunities for the brand.” Desirée added, “Their position as a pool and spa industry leader ensures ASO products will get to the next level.”

As reports of recreational waterborne illness become more prevalent, the push for safe and energy-efficient water treatment in the industry grows. We hear you and are responding by building a portfolio of brands with effective solutions for safer, cleaner pools and spas. Our strategy to deliver these products continues with the addition of ASO. The result? A new leader in recreational water sanitizer systems.

The ASO Story
Aqua Sun Ozone, International was established in 1994 and is headquartered in Palm Springs, California. The alternative sanitizer producer has a solid reputation in the industry built on quality products, timely deliveries, excellent customer service and innovative technology.

More Information
For more information, please visit http://www.aquasunozone.com.

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