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All About Scuppers: Artisan Luxury Style For Every Poolscape

Close your eyes and visualize a relaxing and tranquil outdoor oasis. Now, open your eyes. What did you see? Is the surrounding poolscape a blank canvas or filled with visually pleasing aesthetics? Could you hear the sounds of falling water or lively splashing? Or was the space filled with neighborly noise or city life?

Installing scuppers in multiple areas at different heights creates a lively poolscape filled with excitement.

Not all water features are meant to be seen, but that’s not true for scuppers! Water scuppers are exceptionally versatile and look great even when the water is off. Unlike waterfalls — often built into the pool deck or other structure and designed to blend into their surroundings — water scuppers are made to have a noticeable presence in your pool architecture.

The Copper Tunnel Scuppers perched along this earth-toned wall perfectly complement a desert landscape.

How are they different from more traditional water features like waterfalls, bubblers, and deck jets? Scuppers perfectly combine all the sensual elements we look for in an outdoor oasis including the soothing sound and sight of falling water coupled with aesthetically pleasing handcrafted materials. More than just for ambiance, scuppers also help circulate the pool water and keep it fresh. We discuss all of this and more below.

🎞 If you recall, we did some videos that help demonstrate what scuppers are. One explains the difference between all the exciting water elements you might see “out in the wild”! We also created a quick clip that shows off Bobé Scuppers along with some shots of the manufacturing process. Subscribe and follow @cmppoolspa on YouTube to see more.

Box Scuppers in Stainless Steel create a clean look next to the natural stone and gray river rocks in this pool design.

Most Versatile Water Element 

Bobé Scuppers offer two distinct water flow styles including smooth flow, which creates a glass-like sheet of water and natural flow that mimics water-flow in nature. Both styles offer pleasing visual and audible benefits to pool owners. They also perform another benefit of helping the pool water circulate as mentioned earlier.

Copper Spillway Scupper with Smooth Flow Style

Copper Radius Scuppers with Natural Flow Style

Scuppers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are highly versatile and designed to work in multiple areas and almost any exterior space. Scuppers add dimension and motion to the poolscape by allowing water to flow from various heights into the pool.

From elegant, decorative spouts to classic spillways and spillovers, Scuppers offer flexibility in pool design. You’ve probably seen them installed in columns, multiples on an accent wall or along the edge of an attached inground spa acting as an overflow.

High End Construction and Materials

Bobé Scuppers are hand-fashioned by skilled artisans in Phoenix, Arizona, from rich and luxurious artisan materials. And, we don’t use just any metal out there. Our scuppers are made from the highest quality heavyweight copper and marine-grade stainless steel for superior strength, durability and a long-lasting finish.

Copper is a “living material” which patinas and creates a unique finish on every installation. Patina is a film that forms a natural barrier to corrosion and outdoor elements on copper fixtures. It’s often valued aesthetically for its rich coloring from green to blue to warm brown hues. Copper scuppers are also available with a hand-hammered finish that add depth and enhanced artistry for a truly unique water feature.

A Scupper History: Nautical vs. Architectural

Scuppers have shipping origins and came about as an effective means of drainage. Boats and ships have scuppers at deck level, to allow for ocean and rainwater drain-off. This quick video demonstrates how scuppers efficiently drain seawater off a sailboat deck.

⚓ Fun fact!

You’re probably familiar with the Irish tune “What shall we do with a Drunken Sailor?” sung by sailors toiling away at sea. It includes the verse, “tie him to the scuppers with a hose pipe on him,” among its many colorful answers to the question posed by the title.

Before rain gutters and modern drainage became mainstream, scuppers were also incorporated into building construction to avoid damage from pooling water.

A gargoyle scupper along a building roof edge with water draining from it.

A patina’d dragon scupper on the rooftop edge of a building.

Architects added “fancier” scuppers including gargoyles into their designs serving as both architectural adornment and a vessel for water drainage. Landscape designers and pool builders also recognized their intriguingly stylized, ornate potential and began incorporating scuppers into outdoor living designs.

Their versatility allows you to integrate water scuppers into any pool design with subtle elegance or dramatic flair and transform any outdoor space into a modern, natural oasis.


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