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CMP Fall 2020 COVID Response Update

The COVID pandemic has caused an increasing demand for pool and spa products, and supply challenges to go along with it.  When this crisis began, no one knew what to expect. Little did we know that this would lead to unprecedented growth across the pool and spa industry.

CMP is making key changes in production and supply in preparation for what’s expected to be a continuation of one of the most epic pool seasons ever seen. This will help us adjust to market demand and improve overall functionality in operations. 

The work of the pool pro continues, even in a global pandemic


CMP is continually improving our processes to serve our customers more efficiently. Our team is maximizing efficiency in large and small ways, leaving no stone unturned. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most consistent, reliable service and supply possible.

On the production and warehouse levels, CMP is going above and beyond to add capacity and personnel. We are “pushing all the levers” to max out production and meet demand.

The CMP team is working every day to identify reputable secondary and tertiary component makers to broaden our supply chain and develop multiple back-ups. This will keep us up and running as industry demand expands.

Our whole team is focused on maximizing output for our customers

In addition to ramping up production, we’re working proactively by improving warehouse processes and identifying bottlenecks. We are adding shipping stations, optimizing storage capacity and shelf space. Any opportunity for efficiency is being addressed. Top to bottom, CMP is making improvements at every level to support our customers’ growth. 

Our Bobé location in Arizona just completed a move to a brand new, state of the art facility (still in Phoenix!). This new location expands our production capabilities and more. We can’t wait to see what’s coming for Bobé Fire and Water products at the new facility. 


Have you checked out the latest info on Bobe Water and Fire Products from CMP? Now is your chance! 



Since CMP acquired DEL Ozone® and other sanitizer makers, it’s been our desire to take the next leap in making advanced technology accessible to everyone in the industry. We believe we’ve made that possible with our new AOP products and we’re very excited about the future of pool and spa water disinfection.

CMP is announcing two new models to its industry-leading DEL AOP product line. Design updates make AOP technology readily available and easier to implement for service professionals. Updated systems are simple to install, operate and service. Next-Gen AOP from CMP can lower overall chemical use in swimming pools to help beat chlorine stockouts.

The next generation of AOP is available now from CMP


As demand grows and industry professionals have to get more done—faster—you need the tools to stay on top of things. That’s why this year we launched advanced customer support tools online. The improved c-m-p.com/support has a brand new was to get in touch for information on orders, warranty, RMA and tech support even faster. Including our new online chat support.

Linked from that section you can also find the new CMP Tech Portal (or at c-m-p.com/tech). This brand new tool gives you step by step instructions on demand, in the field, on any device. With a phone app style experience, you can get the answers you need in an easy to understand with zero waiting.

In 2021, we will continue our laser-focus on advancing pool and spa water sanitizer technologies along with continued improvements in supply chain, production and operations. Implementing more tools and resources to support pool professionals is also a top priority at CMP.

We remain committed to offering innovative product solutions to industry professionals.



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