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How Do I Keep My Hot Tub Water Crystal Clear?

Everyone wants to know how to keep their water fresh. Now you can help!

Hot tubs are notorious for cloudy water, foam water, funny colors in the water etc. It can feel impossible to keep clean!

There are a few obvious things every hot tub owner should do that work wonders for spa water care. Some include covering the hot tub when not used, rinsing dirt, oils and lotions off before a soak, regular maintenance, and the occasional water change out. What else can you do to make the hot tub experience better?

Are You Familiar With All Spa Sanitizers?

From a basic level you can keep the spa water clean with bromine or chlorine. But there are other, modern options you can add to a spa that will take the water to the next level.

Supplemental or alternative sanitizers including ozone and AOP systems combine germicidal UV light and ozone. Many customers are focused on cleaner, healthier water these days. They want crystal clear spa water that feels and smells great without all the chemicals. Better spa sanitizers are a great opportunity to not only communicate value to customers, but also increase profits. Let’s check out some of the different types of sanitizers available for hot tubs today.

But first, let’s take care of one thing . . .

Is a Hot Tub Safe Without Chlorine?

This is a great question! And one we hear a lot from spa owners and industry professionals alike. There’s a lot of talk about running spas and pools with little to no chlorine. In this case using ONLY an alternative sanitizer. We do not recommend this. Keeping water safe for bathers is of the utmost importance, which is why we recommend always following PHTA and MAHC guidelines. Currently, those guidelines state that a safe level of chlorine should be 1-3 ppm. 

drinking water

Let’s be honest, would you drink your spa water? On purpose?

Safe, Clean, Clear Hot Tub Water Made Easy

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that destroys dangerous organisms in the water including chlorine resistant contaminants. To get a little more technical, ozone molecules react with contaminants in the water in a series of strong oxidation reactions. One of three oxygen atoms that make up the powerful oxidant has a weak bond, which breaks off during oxidation and destroys bacteria, contaminants, and viruses in hot tub water. 

🎞 Watch this short video demonstrating biofilm in a hot tub. https://youtu.be/e4_CiwklgWo

With as little as 30 seconds of exposure, ozone has been found to be an effective bactericidal agent against biofilm. Basically, ozone takes care of bad stuff in the water and helps chlorine champion its intended job as a residual sanitizer. It also works on chloramines, which can cause odors and lower water quality. 

Check out all the benefits of ozone use in water: 

* Ozone oxidizes & destroys chemical resistant microorganisms

* Ozone penetrates biofilm buildup

* Ozone micro-clarifies and “polishes” the water

* Ozone reduces chemical demand in the hot tub

DEL Ozone Spa provides clean, clear and safe water for hot tubs, as well as a reduction in chemical sanitizer use. 

The Most Powerful Backyard Sanitizer for Spas

How does AOP work? We talked about how ozone works above. AOP takes things to a whole other level when it comes to oxidation power.  

When germicidal UV light (UV-C) and ozone react they produce hydroxyl radicals. This is called the Advanced Oxidation Process, or AOP. Highly unstable hydroxyl free radicals react with dissolved waterborne contaminants and poof! Almost instantly, harmful bacteria and even chloramines are obliterated.

AOP also frees up chlorine to work better. This means less of it needs to be added to the spa water. Customers love that! And your most discerning customers will love knowing their AOP system kills 99.9% of harmful microorganisms while still maintaining a safe residual sanitizer.

DEL AOP Spa utilizes modern corona discharge cells that are more durable and have a longer life than competing products. DEL products for spas are also compact, simple to install, and easy to service. 

Supplemental sanitizers combine with chlorine for ultimate power!

We are always looking for ways to improve. That’s why we redesigned the APG ozone cells in all of our ozone and AOP sanitizers to APG2. Advanced Plasma Gap, or APG is proprietary technology for generating ozone and is designed specifically for DEL Ozone and DEL AOP backyard pool and spa sanitizers. Check out the list of improvements below that make up APG2.

APG2 Technology Upgrades:

– Double the output per cell compared to original APG

– New “solid state” construction improves durability

– Fully self-contained and “fully potted” keeps things compact & protected

– Better performance in hot, wet summer zones including FL, AZ, TX, So. CA

* 55 percent better performance in high heat

* 75 percent higher output in high humidity

And, we are just comparing the performance to original APG here. Compared to “UV ozone” the difference is even more stark. Advanced Plasma Gap technology uses corona discharge, or CD ozone, which produces a consistent and more reliable source of ozone. UV bulbs can be difficult to access and connect and have a separate power supply that’s heat-sensitive and subject to failure. They are also considered hazardous waste and disposal can be a hassle.

When we say ozone and AOP are powerful, we really mean it

The Right Technology. The Right Size. The Right Products.

We have assembled the best-built sanitizer products available for spas through premier engineering and best practices. Our systems and products represent the most advanced sanitizer technology available on the market.  

DEL Advanced Sanitizers provide some of the most complete and effective sanitizer product lines for spas. The systems are simple to understand and implement, with two technologies available in Spa and Swim Spa output sizes. You can find the perfect sanitizer combination for every spa with our ozone and AOP programs.

Customers who value their hot tub experience will seek better water. Great news! Now you can offer them premier Spa Sanitizers including the ones listed above to help keep their water crystal clear and safe.


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