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Natural Wondersâ„¢ Laminar Deck Jet Performance [Video]

The Natural Wonders® Laminar Deck Jet creates the smooth fountain arc that customers expect when they install deck jets in their pool. A Laminar Deck jet has a more beautiful, glass-like appearance compared to a standard deck jet or fountain.

The video above illustrates the performance of a Natural Wonders® Laminar Deck Jet under test lab conditions. The test shows how height and distance of the laminar jet are affected by pressure and gallons per minute. Also shown are the differences in water entry of standard deck jets and Natural Wonders® Laminar deck jet. Laminar jet streams have a softer, gentler entry into pool water versus the splashiness of standard deck jets. In our testing the Laminar Deck Jet drastically outperforms a standard deck jet on height, distance and stream quality.

A High-End Upgrade that Gives Customers what they Really Want

Customers these days do a lot of research on their own before building a pool. This is great because it means the customer knows what they want, but it also means they come to the table with a certain set of expectations. Your customers are watching YouTube videos and checking out photo galleries of beautiful deck jet streams on high end pools, and that is what they expect when they install a deck jet. Standard deck jets are attractive in their own way, but they may not meet your customer’s expectations for what the want in their pool. (There’s a reason lots of builder’s call these deck jets “sprinklers” or “spitters”) With a Natural Wonders® Laminar Deck Jet you can meet and exceed your customer’s expectations for a high end water feature and create a great upgrade opportunity.

Precision Water Feature Engineering

Precise engineering and ease of serviceability set this water feature apart from others. A high performance stainless steel nozzle provides quality and durability. Tangential flow minimizes turbulence for a glass-like laminar flow while minimizing water entry splash. Unlike other small laminars, you can expect serious performance.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Six layers of soft and safe premium filtration media are easy to clean and inexpensive to replace. Every other pool laminar deck jet requires the use of complicated screens for filtration. These are difficult to install and easy to damage. They can also be dangerous! Many customers have shared their stories of cutting their hands while trying to clean or install these mesh screen filters.





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