Product Guide

<b> Brushes Brushes
CMP Part NumberFull Description
58420-120-166 18" Curved Poly-Bristle Wall Brush
58420-110-025 18" Deluxe Metal Back Brush
58420-130-318 18" Algae Brush
58420-130-316 10" Algae Brush
<b> Nets Nets
CMP Part NumberFull Description
58430-150-100 Leaf Skimmer with Debris Magnet
58430-140-087 Aluminum Leaf Skimmer
58430-160-146 4' Telepole Skimmer Net with Debris Magnet
58430-100-035 Deep Net Leaf Rake
58430-110-043 Deluxe Aluminum Deep Net Leaf Rake
<b> Accessories Accessories
CMP Part NumberFull Description
58480-130-079 Aluminum Pol Hangers & Screws Set
58480-110-039 Quick Snap Butterfly Clips (3 Piece Set)
<b> Tool Kits Tool Kits
Tool Kits
CMP Part NumberFull Description
58490-110-530 Five Piece Maintenance Kit for Gunite Pools
(Includes 14" Flexible Vacuum)
58490-120-540 Five Piece Maintenance Kit for Vinyl Pools
(Includes Weighted Liner Bumper Vacuum)