High End Luxury Deck Jet Style for Every Backyard Pool

  • Check power supply and and controller and verify that they are both turned on.
  • Check voltage at connector going into the light module – voltage should be 12VAC.


If there is poor laminar stream quality, review the possible solutions:

  • Possible Leak: Remove Deck Housing and check for leaks.
  • Dirty Filter Media or Screens: Perform filter media cleaning procedure outlined in product instructions.
  • Incorrect Flow: Refer to your pump manual to reduce pressure.


For areas with freezing conditions, the LED Laminar may need to be prepared for winter with the following steps:

1. Remove canister lid.

2. Carefully loosen and separate the garden hose union on the water supply line inside the deck canister.

3. Disconnect the male and female wire connectors.

4. Blow water lines clear.

5. Remove jet body assembly and the pour out remaining water from the body by rotating it in all directions. Continue dumping water until all water is removed.

6. Store jet body and all attachment hardware together in a safe, dry location.

YES! All CMP water features including laminars should ONLY use filtered water. The water line to the laminar must be filtered and installed with a check valve. Do not use a sand filter.

Operating with unfiltered water will degrade the water flow performance and could permanently affect the water feature. Water features damaged by unfiltered water are not warrantable.

We recommend the CMP Water Feature Filter or other cartridge filter.

The Brilliant Wonders® LED Laminar is available to order with Smart Sync programming to sync with controls from Zodiac International (J-Style), Hayward Industries (H-Style) and Pentair Pool and Water Products (P-Style). Simply order the correct style for your pool controls and it just works. To order the correct style, the part number is just appended with the letter style (J, H or P).

For more info check out the smart sync quick reference.

Smart Sync Quick Reference Guide

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