It is also completely serviceable. Each waterfall has a side door to access the LED strip and wiring for easy servicing. The LED strip is built into the unit (instead of using external fiber optics) placing the light as close to the water as possible. This design makes a separate light source unnecessary.

Re-syncing the remote and controller:

  • Power off the controller and remote.
  • Make sure the remote is fully charged.
  • Turn on controller.
  • Press and hold the on/off button on controller until you hear a tone (keep holding).
  • Within 5 seconds turn on the remote and press and hold #1 key until remote flashes green.
  • Release both buttons.
  • You should now be back in sync. (*It may take a couple of tries to get your timing right.)

Please note: This is strictly a timing set up and is seldom accomplished on the first try.


Lighting water is extremely difficult. While CMP has many examples available of how our LED waterfalls look at night, each pool design and environment is different. CMP offers lighting for backyard ambiance and can make no guarantee as to how bright the water will appear in each individual pool design.

We do not recommend using the screen if possible. Pet hair and other fine debris can build up over time and impede the water flow.

The rock trap is always recommended. Using the rock trap will capture debris in the pipes, and prevent it from building up in the pool. NOTE: During installation, do not “drag” the pipes along the ground or in the dirt. This fills the pipes with dirt and the waterfall with not work correctly after installation. (Yes, we have seen this happen before!)

YES! All CMP waterfalls should only be used with filtered water. Operating with unfiltered water can degrade the water flow performance and possibly permanently effect the waterfall. If a waterfall is already being effected by debris refer to the FAQ “My waterfall has breaks in the sheeting. . .”

CAN I USE THE REMOTE CONTROL TO CHANGE WATER FLOW? No. The Brilliant Wonders® controls are for LED lighting control only. The water flow is controlled by your pool system, just like a standard water fall or other water features.

HOW IS THE REMOTE CONTROL POWERED? Brilliant Wonders® waterfalls use a rechargeable remote. This remote can be charged via a USB cable. Low power can cause the remote to function improperly. Always remember to charge your remote.

Here are troubleshooting tests that can be performed by a service professional:


  • Check voltage with meter. Incoming power should be 12VDC into controller. Not 12VAC. 
  • Disconnect Wires from Output side of controller.
  • Turn on power to controller and power up controller.
  • Check output voltage.
  • Connect  Positive lead to the “+” terminal, connect Negative lead to the “R” terminal
  • Cycle modes until you see DC voltage (level could vary)
  • Repeat by switching Negative lead to the “G” and “B” terminals
  • If DC voltage is seen on all of the terminals the controller is in good working condition.


  • Power up LED Waterfall Transformer
  • Check output voltage with meter. Should show 12VDC. Not 12VAC. If 12VDC power is shown please proceed with the following steps.
  • Connect the White wire from Waterfall to the Red output wire from Transformer
  • Connect the Red wire from Waterfall to the Black output wire from Transformer (Red color should be shown on LED Strip)
  • Repeat be switching out the Red Waterfall wire to the Green Waterfall wire (Green color should be shown on LED Strip)
  • Repeat be switching out the Green Waterfall wire to the Black Waterfall wire (Blue color should be shown on LED Strip)
  • If any color does not appear when connected there is a break in the wire or the strip is in bad working order.

Disconnect wire at controller and see if entire harness can be pulled to give enough slack for access to plug. About 12″. (Attach pull cord to end so it can be retrieved). It is also possible that the wire stop was not put in place during installation. This may require access to the rear of the unit to correct. Contact a service professional.