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What is APG Ozone?

All DEL Ozone and AOP products use proprietary APG Corona Discharge generators to create ozone. These ozone cells excel at durability and performance for residential pools.

Upgraded APG 2 ozone cells improve on existing DEL Ozone technology

High Output

The ozone output per cell has been doubled. Half as many cells are required per unit

Built Strong

All-in-one, solid state construction – more durable and easier to service

Humidity Performance

74% more output in high humidity (vs original APG)

Heat Performance

55% increased output in high heat (vs original APG)

Corona discharge

STILL grossly out-performs outdated UV-based ozone cell longevity and output


DEL led the way with the best performing residential CD ozone cells with Advanced Plasma Gap® (APG). We are continually improving our ozone cell technology, leading the industry.

All DEL Ozone and DEL AOP systems are being upgraded to APG 2. 

Corona Discharge vs UV Ozone Generators

Did you know that UV Bulb Ozone generators are more than twenty years out of date? After seeing the benefits in our commercial systems, DEL brand products all switched to “CD” ozone two decades ago. What’s the difference?

  • CD produces more ozone per unit than UV
  • CD takes up much less space than a UV bulb
  • CD is more durable and harder to break than a UV bulb
  • CD systems have a longer life with more consistent ozone output, versus UV which degrades steadily over a set number of hours.

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