• Disconnect the Ozone Module from the Manifold and pull the Ozone Module from the Bracket so it hangs by its wires.
  • Locate the Power Supply Connector and disconnect it from the wire harness.
  • Remove the Power Supply Mounting Screw; make sure to note plastic spacer and the star washer positions for proper reassembly. The Ozone Module and Power Supply can now be removed from the unit.
  • Install the new Ozone Module by reversing the above steps.

This could mean there is no power to the ozone generator from the power source:

  • Check circuit breaker at the power distribution box.
  • Check for loose connections or wiring breaks from the power distribution box to the generator.
  • The fuse in the unit has blown and needs to be replaced.
  • The fuse is a replaceable glass, .25” x 1.25”, 1 amp, slo-blo type.

It could also mean the G.F.C.I. has been tripped. Check the power cord and reset the G.F.C.I.

The Injector is not supplying adequate suction.

  • Check pump, filters, and skimmers to ensure water is flowing through injector.
  • Ensure that there is no debris clogged inside the injector.

The tubing is impaired.

  • Check for kinks or clogs.
  • Check for cracks or cuts.
  • Check connections.
  • Check that the check valve is installed with the arrow pointing towards the injector.
  • Be sure that the check valve has not become fouled with debris. Disconnect the Ozone Tube from the injector. With the pump running, cover the end of the injector with your thumb, and feel for suction. If there is sufficient suction without the check valve, replace the check valve with a new one.

The high concentration of ozone created by the DEL Ozone family of ozone generators, as well as environmental conditions like UV sunlight will tend to deteriorate the supplied Ozone Tube. This is normal and acceptable, as long as the tubing doesn’t become cracked and leak. Because of this, the Ozone Tube and Check Valve should be replaced every year.

The flowmeter provided is a general tool to setup flow to the ozone generator. Flow will vary depending on pressures across the injector, and therefore can be affected by things such as filter or strainer loading. The ozone generator’s efficiency is optimized near the center of the flow meter. The DEL Ozone generator will still perform well at flows above and below the recommended range; however, the ball must be moving and not stuck on the bottom of the flowmeter.

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