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Inline JetArray Installation Start to Finish – Part 1

This post is Part One in a multi-part series walking through the complete installation of a CMP  Inline JetArray system on a pool remodel. Be sure to come back and read the whole series when it is complete. To make sure you don’t miss any of the series, you can subscribe to the CMP Newsletter.

The Inline JetArray® is an exclusive product from CMP that revolutionizes in ground spa installation and performance. Protected by two U.S. Patents, this professional systems speeds up the installation time for multiple jets and creates even water flow distribution. The design prevents under-performing jets by utilizing a pressurized chamber that can perform with significantly less water flow. The JetArray Inline can operate four jets simultaneously at only 10 gallons per minute.


jetarray spa excavation

Photo Courtesy Dynamic Pool Designs, Tuscon, AZ

Prep and Demolition

Over the course of this series we will be following the constructions of an in ground spa that is being added to an existing pool as part of a remodel. In the above photo, you can see that Dynamic Pool Design of Tucson is adding a new spa to an existing pool. The deck demolition and excavation are complete and plumbing has begun. The plumbing lines for the pool have been exposed and will be re-routed during the spa installation project.

spa master jet array install

Photo Courtesy Dynamic Pool Designs, Tuscon, AZ

Initial JetArray Setup

At this point the JetArray InLine installation is underway. You can see two inline units in position, and two more set to the side ready to be added to the therapy seat. Note that each unit comes with the 1/4″ line pre-plumbed. Each Inline unit is being put into position. Multiple JetArray Inline units are being plumbed together, one on top of the other. The JetArray is easily expandable by simply plumbing in a series. This is a great way to make a powerful spa therapy seat.

jet array seat layout

Photo Courtesy Dynamic Pool Designs, Tuscon, AZ

A Completed Seat Layout

Multiple Inline unites are connected together at this point to create a complete spa therapy seat. You can see above that with only four JetArray Inline units, the builder has added 16 total jets to this seat. This therapy seat covers upper and lower back areas, thighs and feet for a total therapy experience. The design is also allowing installation in multiple configurations, here facing both outward and upward. The JetArray Inline will work in any orientation, including vertically.

Part Two in this series will cover more specifics in plumbing techniques and utilization of the JetArray Inline design. Check back for future posts or subscribe to the CMP Newsletter to remain up to date. If you know anyone that would benefit from this series you can share or email this article below.

Check out the JetArray product feature page for more details about this product. Follow the link for more info, brochures, part numbers and product instructions.

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