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The Future of Pool Sanitizers and AOP

Sometimes the future can be uncertain or even scary. But when it comes to pool care . . . it’s exciting! There are great new technologies available to keep the pool clean and safe. Actually, products like AOP aren’t really that new. They have been around for many years.

In the past some AOP systems were too expensive or difficult to understand. Even now many professionals still don’t really understand the technology. But more people are learning every day!

Keep reading and you can join the growing list of people who have realized AOP is the sanitizer of the future.

Acceptance Of New Technology

The pool and spa industry tends to slowly align around technologies as they become more proven, are accepted by customers and more options are provided. It’s been seen in the past with other methods that were once on the fringes, and now accepted.

The idea of ozone and UV treatment built up over decades, and now both are widely accepted by most of the industry. Salt systems were a rare find in the late 1990s. Now surveys of builders and homeowners show that more than 50% of pools are looking into the once new technology.

Not every technology makes it past the tipping point to become a standard. Every couple of years, something new is introduced in the industry as a “game-changer.” These can be a mix of new applications of old tech, simple ideas with good marketing and at times (let’s all be honest here) a dishonest sales pitch.

None of these things ever reach the acceptance tipping point because pool professionals are experienced and wary of unproven technology–with good reason!

AOP is approaching that tipping point. In the same way there can be signs a technology is not going to catch on, there are a few signs a technology is getting ready to reach widespread acceptance.

The Journey From New Idea To Industry Standard

First, there will be early adopters who try out the technology, prove it out and become a sort of “evangelist” for the new product. These pool professionals are the true trailblazers who love learning and improving every day.

Next, the products will also start to receive valid certifications and pick up usage in more strict commercial environments. (Commercial DEL AOP products have NSF certification as a sanitizer, not just for safety or as a water conditioner.)

After trial and certification, products will move beyond introductory companies to acceptance by large industry players. Manufacturers will also begin to expand the product line as it matures. No longer just one special product, there should be multiple sizes and applications to meet the demand.

Last but not least, of course, interest moves beyond the early adopters to the point where every professional starts to be aware of the technology and wants to learn more. AOP meets all of these requirements.

AOP is getting ready to have its “moment” in the pool industry. Are you ready?

New Concerns About Water Safety

Sometimes it’s about more than a product, it’s about an idea taking hold. Ozone and UV have been around since the ’80s.

Ozone was first introduced by Del Ozone (Del is now a part of CMP). While understanding and acceptance have widely grown over the decades, there are many pool pros that still think of Ozone as an “extra” or an “add-on.” But new factors lead more professionals to realize that chlorine alone is not enough for the Complete Modern Pool®.


In the past decade, we have seen the rise of chlorine-resistant pathogens like Cryptosporidium. First seen in municipal water, it began to show up in commercial aquatics and then commercial pool applications.

The prevalence of “Crypto” is harder to track in private pools but the same groups of people are swimming there as in commercial. If it’s in one place, it must be in the other! Recent studies have shown that runoff from rain and flooding into backyard pools can bring Crypto and other pathogens along.

Learn More About Cryptosporidium Here

Evolving Ideas About Pool Chemicals

There is also an increasingly complicated relationship between pool owners and chlorine. Chlorine is a hero to the recreational water industry. Literally, this whole industry would not be able to exist without chlorine.

No other chemical has proven as effective and use-able for keeping water sanitized and safe. But like many things, how we approach them has changed since it was first introduced. Health-conscious swimmers are more aware of the chemicals around their home and in the pool.

There are really two factors that are causing concern. The level of chlorine in the water is one. Almost anyone you ask will confirm they would love to have less chlorine in their water.

The second issue is the chemicals themselves being used around the pool. Handling chlorine tablets is unpleasant, shock can be a hassle and all of these things are no fun to keep in the yard or in the garage. Chemicals for the pool are tolerated but it is doubtful many love the experience.

But despite all of this, chlorine is still essential to most pools. Even though some things about it may not be perfect, those shortcomings are nowhere near as dangerous as dirty pool water. To date, no accepted pool water standard recommends a chlorine level below 1ppm.

What About Chloramines?

Chloramines are the final, and more worrisome issue when it comes to chlorine use. When chlorine is in the water, it can become “locked up” chemically with nitrogen. (Nitrogen shows up in the water from pollution, fertilizers, nature itself and yes . . . from pee in the water.)

This new compound, called a chloramine, is only moderately effective at sanitizing the water. It can take a large amount of chlorine to break up chloramines. Which of course only adds to the other issue of wanting to reduce chemical use. It’s a vicious circle.

To make matters worse, chloramines can be irritating, smell horrible and some studies have shown that regularly breathing in chloramines can be bad for your health. This reaction is actually what gives water that “pool smell” and leads to red eyes and itchy skin – not the chlorine alone.

How Can Chlorine Be Improved?

When it comes to AOP, it’s pretty common to ask if this can lead to a chlorine-free pool. The answer is really no because there needs to be a sanitizer in the water. But AOP is a powerful solution to chlorine concerns. Crypto? Hydroxyl radicals destroy pathogens like Crypto in an instant. Chlorine can literally take hours and days of contact. In that time someone can get very sick.

High Chlorine Levels? AOP is such an effective oxidizer, it takes a huge load off the chlorine. While chlorine is still required it will take far less than usual to maintain the safe minimum levels in the water.

What about those chloramines? AOP even makes chlorine itself better! AOP aggressively breaks down chloramines. This means no pool smell and no irritation or red eyes from chloramines. And with more free chlorine in the water, it is more effective as well. It’s like a double-benefit. AOP is in the water kicking butt, and chlorine is doing more than it ever did before now that it is free to work.

AOP Is The Future Of The Complete Modern Pool®

While we think about the future, let’s take a brief stroll down memory lane for a minute. Recent history is covered up with ideas that seemed like overkill at the time, and now we accept them as an important part of our lives. Dare we say, even a standard.

The auto industry is full of them: seatbelts, backup cameras, multiple airbags used to be luxuries. Now we can’t live without them!

Once upon a time, a phone with a camera seemed about as useful as a toaster/refrigerator. Now our camera phone is the best camera many of us will ever own. The list of phenomenons like this goes on and on.

The pool industry has its own list of evolutions. One example is the shift to energy efficiency with products like variable speed pumps. Ten years ago this was almost unheard of.

Fifteen years ago almost no one was talking about phosphates or CYA levels. Now, most pool professionals accept that these have significant impacts on water quality and chemistry.

Adding an advanced sanitizer like AOP is the pool of the future. It’s the complete modern pool. The modern pool has chlorine without chloramines. It uses chemicals the right way, without dumping in tons of tablets and shock every week. It’s comfortable to swim in, without red eyes and itchy skin. The modern pool is safe from dangerous pathogens that can make you sick.

The future of the modern pool is every pool coming equipped with a pump, filter, chlorine system and AOP. This is where things are headed. The early adopters already know it, and more professionals and homeowners are coming on board every day.

The future of the pool is a complete modern pool.


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A complete modern pool uses chlorine and an advanced sanitizer to remain clean, clear and safe.

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