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The Next Generation LED Waterfall

About five years ago, CMP introduced the pool industry’s first true LED Waterfall. The Brilliant Wonders LED Waterfall was totally innovative with built-in bright LEDs, front-side serviceability and a patented sawtooth pattern design that enhanced the LED effect. This was the first waterfall specifically designed to create a water flume that lights up better.

Before the LED Waterfall, other “lighted” waterfalls used external LEDs or expensive and troublesome fiber optics. Basically these waterfalls were never that popular because they just didn’t get the job done. In fact, the original LED Waterfall is still the only lighted waterfall designed with a truly integrated LED design.

A couple years after that we introduced the Smart Sync Adapter. Now (like our other LED products) the LED Waterfall can synchronize with all major pool LED lighting. That means you can control it with most popular pool automation systems and the waterfall colors will match other pool lighting.


Even though CMP still has the one true LED Waterfall and the only serviceable lighted waterfall, we thought we could make it even better. How do you take the most popular lighted waterfall for pools and make it even better? Sometimes you just have to throw a curve. Introducing Brilliant Wonders® LED Waterfall 2: the industry’s first cut-able, service-able, LED light-able waterfall.

The LED Waterfall is improved in every way. The design is slimmer, the lighting is improved and the sawtooth water effect is enhanced.



For the first time an LED Waterfall that can be factory cut orcustom cut in the field that also remains completely serviceable after installation. The LEDs have been moved to the back while remaining totally serviceable (more on that later). You can cut convex or concave shapes to match popular curvy pool shapes and designs. This is a total game-changer!

The curve takes it to the next level



The improved sawtooth embedded lip textures the flow of the waterfall. This enhances the LED light and color effects, creating unique smooth ribbons of water and light in the waterfall flume. You really have to see it to believe at. At live events with our water features, the crowds are always amazed by the way we texture the water. Smooth ripples in the water creates a totally unique effect, and the texture creates cool reflections that enhance the LED color style of the water feature.

Other waterfalls just can’t recreate this style



We wanted this waterfall to completely disappear. It should look like a slip LED blade of water sliding into the pool. This brand new design is 30% thinner than or original LED waterfall for a minimal profile, with a clear face for a seamless installation. You can give the clear lip a sanded face for a frosty look, or flame-finish for a glassy clear style.

The innovative sliding service doors can be customized in the field with plaster, grout or stone. This is how the waterfall can remain front-side serviceable and still keep that sexy, sleek look. We really want this design to disappear into the pool. Optional LED access door covers in five colors are also included for a quick an easy way to hide the doors.

This waterfall is designed to totally blend in


Even on a custom cut the internal LED strip is accessible through the built-in frontside access doors. This completely innovative design is set up for simple LED access. Using a simple tool, the front access door unlocks and slides out. As the door slides it pulls the connection end of the LED strip with it.

The attached service cable and quick-disconnect mean accessing and installing the LED light is a breeze. The strip just disconnects and can slide right out. The service cable is pre-attached making it easy to “fish” the strip in and out of the waterfall unit.

We have a video of the replacementinreal-timethat takes less than three minutes to complete.

Slide the door out and half the work is already done


The LED Waterfall 2 uses the same Smart Sync adapter as the original LED Waterfall. Basically, the LED strip is “dumb.” There are are no actual controllers in the strip itself, just like a light bulb. The Smart Sync adapter has the programming built-in that communicates with the LEDs in the strip, telling them what colors to change to and how fast to change. It’s the “brain.” This is what allows the LEDs to communicate with automation systems and stay in sync with other LED lighting.

The Smart Sync adapter has three styles of programming built in to match the “big three” types of automation systems as well as the other LED lights. During installation, simply select the correct style on the adapter and from there you connect the the pool automation and controls as usual – just like a normal LED light. One adapter can control up to 8 feet of waterfalls.

Here’s a quick video showing how easy it isto setup the Smart Sync LED Waterfall Adapter.

Just use the dial on the side to sync the LEDs with your automation



  • Can be Custom Cut in the Field or Factory Cut
  • Customizable Door Covers
  • Fronts-ide Serviceable
  • LED Strip 2 with Improved Quick Disconnect & Over-Molded Ends
  • Use with Brilliant Wonders® Smart Sync® Adapter (sold separately)
  • Waterfall Sizes up to 36″ Long, 12″ Lip Length
  • ETL Certified Installed with Smart Sync Adapter or Colorwheel Control




Brilliant Wonders® LED Lighting is the premier LED pool lighting family from CMP.  The next pool you build shouldn’t be limited by LED lighting choices. The next pool you build should be brilliant™. CHECK OUT THESE OTHER POSTS ON SMART SYNC® TECHNOLOGY AND BRILLIANT WONDERS® PRODUCTS

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