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[VIDEO] CMP Presents . . .Know Your Pool Water Features

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CMP Presents Episode 1-03: Know Your Pool Water Features 💧

There are so many cool water features for swimming pools, it can be hard to tell them apart! We put our drawing skills to the test (spoiler: it’s not great) and our friend Alanna tries to guess what’s what. Along the way, we talk about the differences between fountains and bubblers, laminars and deck jets, and waterfalls and scuppers.

Special thanks to Alanna Roseberry for hanging out with us for a day and putting up with the shenanigans!


A water fountain is above the water whereas bubblers tend to be underwater. Fountains are water features that pour water into a basin or spout it into the air for a decorative or dramatic effect. We often see water fountains in public places like city parks, public buildings – libraries, schools, etc., and sometimes used as commemorative monuments.

Bubblers begin under the water as mentioned above. Water (not air) flows up through a bubbler and rises up through the surface of the pool or other body of water. Bubblers give the effect of a water fountain but instead of water flowing out of a structure, everything starts underwater and bubbles come out from the water’s surface.

CMP offers two LED Bubbler choices to fit your needs. The 8″ LED Bubbler is bright and powerful, with three different optional fountain accessories. Our 4″ LED Bubbler is compact and efficient with a convenient waterproof quick-disconnect feature.


Deck jets shoot or spray water out of the pool deck or pool wall. They tend to be “splashy” in appearance and some come with a variety of nozzles to give different patterns of water spray. Whereas laminars produce a glass-like rod of water that appears smooth from start to finish. Laminars offer a more modern appearance and are often seen on high-end pools.

CMP offers deck jets that are adjustable at the nozzle to make small changes to the flow and direction. A multi-nozzle deck jet is also available for achieving different water patterns. CMP Laminars are precision designed to produce a smooth rod of water. The Brilliant Wonders LED Laminar has a beam-focusing lens that shines light through the entire laminar effect.


Pool waterfalls are fixtures that allow water to fall into a pool either in a smooth sheet or over rocks as you might see in nature. With waterfalls, you don’t actually see the feature and equipment. Instead, you see water falling out from the opening into the pool.

Scuppers, on the other hand, are meant to be seen! Plus it’s a fun word to say. If you’re not sure how to pronounce it, watch this short video.

Before they became popular in swimming pool designs, scuppers were primarily used in architectural designs to allow water to drain off or out of a structure. They work much the same way in swimming pools, allowing water to flow into the pool through an ornate metal fixture. Spillways are a type of scupper that helps direct the water flow, often seen on raised spas.

Due to their versatility, scuppers are used in multiple ways around the pool. They can be installed along with other water features including water bowls and fountains that are attached to a wall.

CMP makes waterfalls in a variety of styles and materials. Many are made of plastic including Natural Wonders Waterfalls and can be installed in saltwater environments. The Pure Flow Waterfall is made of stainless steel. Brilliant Wonders LED Waterfalls have built-in LED light strips that create beautiful color shows.

Scuppers from CMP are artisan-crafted using heavy gauge materials including copper and stainless steel. Even when the water is off, these scuppers are a work of art. A wide variety of scupper styles can be seen in our Scuppers Gallery.

CMP has the most complete offering of designer water features in the industry. Check out the complete line of CMP lighting, water features, fire features and more at c-m-p.com/imagine.

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