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[VIDEO] Is Salt Bad for a Pool? Pool Pro Questions

We stirred up stuff on Facebook and things got a little salty! Watch the video to learn more.

We had a ton of fun with this topic! Pool Pros on our Facebook channel – Facebook.com/cmppoolspa – got into a series of debates and questions about salt systems. It all started with our post linking to an article we wrote. It’s about how salt can be a great solution for CYA problems.

See, the idea is that a chlorine generator puts YOU in control of how much CYA is in the water. We decided to address some of the questions and concerns in a video. We love getting content ideas from you. If there are other questions, feedback, etc we can talk about.😉 Let us know in the comments.



Powerclean Salt is the next generation of salt for pools! From CMP, the creator of the highly praised Powerclean Tab feeder.

The clear cell makes it easy to use. You can see when it’s time to clean. And you can actually remove the cell to clean by hand. No acid required! This is much cleaner and safer – plus it saves you time on every single service call. And we all know time is money!

The control system is robust and simple. The push-button interface is easy to use and understand, plus it’s tough as nails. To top it off, the system is commercial quality but made for residential pools, and with a residential price!

NSF testing certifies the daily chlorine output, so you can trust the power you get from this system.

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Find available residential pool sanitizers at c-m-p.com.

We also sell Sanitizer Systems for commercial pools and aquatics. Visit cmpcommercial.com to learn more.

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