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Upgrade Boring Plastic Pool Deck Covers with Colorful, Nature Inspired Designs

Note: This product has been discontinued. If you have any questions, please reach out to Customer Support at cs@c-m-p.com.


You’ve been asking and now they are available! NEW Natural Wonders Deck Covers for Skimmers, Auto Levelers and Deck Jets. Upgrade your pool deck style with these stylish, natural-look covers designed to match any pool deck.



The sand stone cover has great color and texture


Just imagine… you spend weeks planning every part of a pool design. The perfect finish, the perfect accessories and the best pool pool deck design the customer can afford. And then you install the skimmer and put a boring, plastic deck cover on top next to your pool. At best you can choose a color plastic cover but it still won’t have the style of the rest of the pool area.

Natural, Real Stone Look and Feel

With new Natural Wonders™ Deck Covers, you can upgrade every pool with a high end natural design. These covers look and feel like real stone with a beautiful color and texture. They have a real “heft” to them like real stone, but in fact are made of durable fiberglass construction. Each cover is individually created so there are natural variations in the pattern and texture.

We surveyed our customers and pool professionals to pick four popular covers that will match most pool deck finishes:

  • White Stone: Classic Off-White style that matches white skimmers and complements lighter-colored pool decks
  • Sand Stone: A medium tan color that may be the most popular color we in most areas. Textured with a pleasant “sandy” feel that even has a slight sparkle, just like real stone!
  • Gray Stone:  Inspired by a granite-like texture. this cover has a medium gray base with dark to light specks and flecks mixed in throughout.
  • Brick Stone: One of our most exciting colors, Brick Stone is designed to look great on brick and red-rock pool decks that are very popular in certain markets. This is a darker red color with lots of texture mixed in. Depending on your pool deck design it pairs well with a tan or gray skimmer.

Tough and Heavy Duty

Each cover can hold a lot of weight and will not buckle under pressure of regular use. Fading should be minimal and match the natural fading of the other pool deck materials. For the Brick Stone, Sand Stone and Gray Stone styles, the full pattern is embedded through the cover so any scratches or chips are minimized. These are made to be tougher than real stone, but these covers can still break if dropped from a height onto a hard surface so take care not to drop them onto the pool deck.

Attractive Retail-Friendly Packaging

We took great care to design packaging that will make these a great upgrade for new and existing pool owners. Each package is set up to be great for a shelf or hanging application. The natural style of the design also emphasizes the look and feel of the deck covers. Each box is also fully foamed to protect each cover until it gets in the hands of its proud new owner.



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