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CMP Senior Engineer Receives Distinguished Recognition By PHTA Fellows Program

Angelo Pugliese receives 2019 PHTA Fellows Award, the pool and spa industry’s highest professional award for distinguished contributions in raising professionalism in the aquatic community.

Congratulations to CMP Senior Engineer, Angelo Pugliese for his prestigious 2019 PHTA Fellow recognition! Nominees for the rank of PHTA Fellow are evaluated not only for their professional accomplishments but on their distinguished contributions to the industry through teaching, research and exemplary service to others.

In addition to working behind the scenes at CMP, Angelo puts in extra effort outside of working hours to help raise awareness in the aquatic community. He has more than 25 years of industry experience and has held appointments on the APSP-14 Energy Standards Committee and is a member of the APSP-16 Committee, UL 1563 Spa Safety Code Committee and the APSP Technical Committee.

In 2008, Angelo was awarded the prestigious APSP Eagle Award for his work in presenting the association’s hot tub position on the Title 20 Energy Efficiency Standards in California. We are lucky to have Angelo on our team.

Read the article, Inside CMP: Ongoing Improvements To Spa Industry Standards With APSP-14 to learn more about Angelo’s work involving Spa Industry Changes.

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