Low stabilizer (Cyanuric acid level in pool water)

Add stabilizer to maintain 20-30 PPM per pool professional’s recommendation


Insufficient run time

Increase daily run time. Recommend 1 hour of run time per 10 degrees ambient temp.


Chlorine Output percentage set too low

Increase the Sanitizer Output Level


Recent increases in weather temperature without increasing the Sanitizer Output of the system

Increase the Sanitizer Output Level


Temporary loss of chlorine due to heavy rain, leaves, fertilizer or heavy bather load, recent party or pets using the pool

Set Sanitizer Output to BOOST (Super Chlorinate) for 72 hours. Recheck- if still too low, super chlorinate with outside source. (Take pool water sample to pool professional.)


Loss of salt due to rain or added water

Test salt level. Add salt using the chart provided in installation manual.


Low salt level (less than 3,000 PPM). System Power light is flashing/ service light is yellow/ solid.

Increase Salt level

Pool water needs salt

Test salt level of water. Add salt if necessary.


Cell is clogged or dirty

Check and clean cell.


Water temperature is low

Check water temp (if below 60 degrees, turn system off).


Insufficient water flow

Make sure pump is running. Check and correct all valve alignments.


Insufficient water flow- dirty filter

Follow filter cleaning procedures.


Sensor tab (top of cell) issues

Clean off any calcium on sensor tab. Make sure there is not an air bubble at point of sensor tab in cell housing- if there is, contact your pool professional or CMP Tech Support.

Problem with power to Control Center

Check to make sure On/Off Switch is on

Make sure pump is on

Check Circuit Breaker on bottom of Control Center; if tripped, press rubber cover to reset


No AC power to Control Center

Verify time clock is providing 220 VAC to Control Center when active (TO BE DONE BY CERTIFIED POOL PROFESSIONAL OR ELECTRICIAN)

Incorrect or no voltage coming from the power source.

Have an experienced pool professional or an electrician confirm that the voltage is existent and correct


Circuit breaker may be tripped.

A six amp resettable circuit breaker is located on the bottom right of the control panel. In the event that the circuit breaker trips, push on the rubber cover and you will feel it click as it resets


Circuit boards may be damaged.

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