Yes! Natural Wonders® waterfalls can be custom cut convex or concave for curved installation. To request a factory custom cut waterfall, please fill out a request form online, or download the custom cut waterfall form and fax/email the form back to CMP. A customer service representative will follow up to process your request.

Waterfalls can also be custom cut in the field. Never cut to within less than 1.5″ of the body. LED, Arch, and Rainfall style waterfalls may not be cut.

We do not recommend using the screen if possible. Pet hair and other fine debris can build up over time and impede the water flow.
The rock trap is always recommended. Using the rock trap will capture debris in the pipes, and prevent it from building up in the pool. NOTE: During installation, do not “drag” the pipes along the ground or in the dirt. This fills the pipes with dirt and the waterfall will not work correctly after installation. (Yes, we have seen this happen before!)