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How To Upgrade In Ground Spas: the Spa Master™ Experience

Getting a new massage therapy system for your in ground spa has never been this easy! CMP experts have created the most popular spa solutions on the market today.

Easily upgrade jets in any gunite, vinyl or fiberglass pool with Spa Master™ therapy jets. Available in a wide variety of easily interchangeable jet styles, these in ground spa therapy jets allow you to customize spa designs to the exact needs of the customer.



Available in a wide variety of nozzle and plumbing configurations, Spa Master™ makes plumbing in ground hot tubs easier and with improved hydraulic performance.


New Stainless Steel Therapy Jets

All new Spa Master™ 1.5″ Stainless Steel Therapy Jet Internals give spas a clean look and have unique anti-corrosive properties. Stainless steel jet internals are available in white, gray and black.

Non stainless steel jet internals are also available in a multitude of colors to coordinate with your spa design.

Nozzle Features

A variety of soft tissue massage nozzles give a softer feel for a more relaxing spa comfort experience than with standard jets. The soft tissue massage nozzle was designed for soft tissue “therapy massage” performance so you can enjoy your spa longer.


23315-pulsator-illustrationSpa Master™ Rotating Massage and Pulsator Massage 1.5″ gunite jet internals have FPT
threads for easily threading into standard gunite jet wall fittings. The nozzle design softly rotates (or spins) for a relaxing massage experience.




Designed for soft-tissue “therapy massage,” 23315 rain-illustrationRain Massage and Rain Spa Massage nozzles are 1.5″ MPT and thread into standard wall fittings to give the bather choices in returns besides a directional eyeball fitting.





Make the Most of Your Spa Experience

If you want deep-tissue hydrotherapy CMP Product Design & Marketing Manager, Vic Walker suggests installing a few larger style jets that use high volume water flows. For a different experience, he suggests trying an array of smaller jets. According to Vic:

“If you want more of an acupressure-style massage, then you would want a larger number of smaller jets. Most jet placements are on the back, ideally close to specific muscle trigger areas, but many prefer leg and feet placements as well. With so many nerve endings located in the hands and feet, these are ideal locations for hydrotherapy jets,”


Don’t be Afraid to Change Things Up

Now that your in ground spa is inviting and irresistible use it often! With frequent hot tub use, the jets are moved around and repositioned keeping them loose and functional.

Remember to Keep it Clean!

Don’t stop there . . . be sure to remove all jets once a year and soak them in a mild vinegar solution to help with hard mineral buildup. Periodic filter cleaning or replacement as needed is also a good idea for improved jet performance.

CMP is committed to providing professionals with the most comprehensive and innovative selection of in ground spa products in the industry. With Spa Master™ Spa Systems you can expect easier and faster installation, a wide range of jet styles, and complete systems for gunite, vinyl and fiberglass.

Check out the Spa Master™ product feature page


Power Up the Spa with JetArray®

Another great way to upgrade your spa is with JetArray®. JetArray® is a professional spa system that saves time on installation of multiple jets and creates an even water flow distribution. Protected by three U.S. patents, JetArray® prevents under-performing jets caused by plumbing high and low. The JetArray® is the best way to achieve a consistent, powerful spa seat installation.

Click the links below to view a walk through of the complete installation of a CMP Inline JetArray® system on a pool remodel.

JetArray® Installation Part One

JetArray® Installation Part Two



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Spa Master Single Jet Countertop Display

Spa Master Single Jet Countertop Display


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