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Jetarray versus traditional spa jets for in ground hot tubs

In ground spas have been growing in popularity over the past decade. And really, can you blame anyone? An in ground spa can take the traditional outdoor hot tub and make it a beautiful part of your landscape, right by the pool. With an added heater, it’s a great outdoor water experience that you can enjoy year round.

Early in ground tub designs usually employed basic pool return jets. While these got the job done, they didn’t provide the same features of a portable hot tub, with all of the massage therapy styles. But times have changed! Now there are advanced spa style jet systems from CMP. Both copy the stylish look of the hot tub jets and provide all kinds of therapy—from powerful directionals, to massage and even spinning rotators! 


These jets all install individually, but there is also another new option. By using a manifold system with the Spa Master Jetarray, you can install four jets in one seat. So how do these systems compare to the individual Spa Master jets?

  • Spa Master jets have multiple flow styles. These styles are available with our Jetarray Quad, but not the inline.
  • Each jet must be installed individually, but the Jetarray is four in one.
  • The Jetarray has all of the air intake and water flow pre-set in the manifold. The Spa Master jets require some custom setup and piping to get the flow just right.
  • The Spa Master jets allow for more custom installations and layouts. The manifolds have two jet arrangements to choose from.

As you can see, there are some benefits to both systems. But if you are looking for a powerful, faster installation that can still give you a great therapy experience, the Jetarray may be the right choice. Let’s dive a little deeper into the features of these systems.

2" Gunite Jets

Standard In Ground spa Jets offer great style options


We already covered a few of the overall benefits of a Jetarray. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Jetarray is a manifold system that lets you plumb multiple jets—a complete in ground spa seat—with one set of connections
  • Combined air and water into one system
  • No need for special measurements to get air and water flow just right
  • Removes multiple components from a custom jet install
  • Nozzles can be trimmed on site to fit the install, for added flexibility

Each of the two Jetarray systems also have their own unique features to choose from. Let’s check out a few!


The inline style has an extremely powerful flow. In fact the design is so special, we patented it! It’s possibly the most powerful in ground spa experience you can install. And the great thing is, the patented design does not require a ton of flow to get the power. As low as 25 GPM can power an Inline unit.

The Inline creates a single column or row install. You can set up vertically or horizontally—it works either way! This can be great for a vertical spinal massage, or using for shoulder and lower back in the row installation.

Here are some more facts about this system: 

  • Great air draw even when installed deeper underwater.
  • So powerful, it can actually “rob” air from other jets so make sure you plumb accordingly. It may need to be on its own line.
  • If you are interconnecting Jetarray Inline units by attaching one below the other, a separate air line is needed for more than three connected units. (The Jetarray pulls a lot of air, so don’t rob the other jets!) Limit the number of Jetarray units on any air line to four so as to ensure maximum air flow. More than four units can be installed on a single air line as long as the reduced air flow is acceptable.
  • These jets use a custom finishing cap, for a minimalistic clean look. It does not use traditional jets but is still very powerful


Looking for more install details? Check out our two part post series on installing Jetarray Inline:



Check out our full step by step install series


Next up is the original Jetarray, the quad or 2×2 style. This manifold has four jets, two above and two below for full seat installation. One great feature of this system is with standard size jets pipes, you can cap with our 1.5in true therapy jets. So you can get the directional, massage, or spinner styles in a manifold arrangement—a great feature!

There are two options with this style, a single or dual port water install. Both systems have an air intake that will increase the power and massage effect of the jets. And the jet pipes come in a standard length that you can trim on site for the perfect fit. 

Jet Array Quad gives you the manifold with real spa jets

Here’s what else you need to know:

  • The Jetarray unit is installed at the same distance from the top of the spa bond beam as you would for a standard therapy jet (typically 11” – 15” from top of beam—units may be staggered slightly around the spa).
  • If you are installing other standard jets, you can install the Jetarray on the same water return loop, as long as you ensure enough water is coming into the unit (70+ GPM). 
  • You can install the Jetarray in series, but never more than two units. 
  • If more than 2 units are installed, use another direct pipe feed from your water return loop and upgrade the return loop and/or pump as required for sufficient flow.
  • Higher flow, 70-80 GPM. Use reducers for lower flow (sold separately)
  • Sold as a complete kit with jets and water stop fittings


We know for some installers an in ground spa may be intimidating. It requires tons of custom plumbing and real specialty work to make it something special. Doubtless, there are tons of pool pros out there who are up to the task. But if you are looking for a way to make this setup simpler, or even if you are an expert who just wants the install to get done faster, a Jetarray system may be what you are looking for.

Before your next pool goes in, consider checking these systems out as a powerful, simple alternative to spa jets—and definitely a big improvement on basic pool returns. Homeowners will be impressed and you will look like a real Hot Tub Hero.


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