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[VIDEO] What does AOP Do in a Pool?

What is AOP – Advanced Oxidation Process? It can destroy nasty contaminants in pool water (like cryptosporidium) in seconds. These tough bugs are resistant to chlorine, but AOP gets it done.

AOP enhances your pool filtration and clarifies the water . . .   We’re talking sparkling, polished water.

AOP also reduces the amount of chemicals you have to add to your pool. You still need a low chlorine level, but by oxidizing and helping chlorine work better, you will add far less of it to the water. That is something we can all appreciate.

Next-generation Advanced Oxidation for pools is coming! From CMP, makers of the highly acclaimed DEL AOP Advanced Sanitizer Systems.

Learn more at c-m-p.com/AOP and view products here.

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Find available residential pool sanitizers at c-m-p.com.

We also sell Sanitizer Systems for commercial pools and aquatics. Visit cmpcommercial.com to learn more.

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