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20″ Unblockable Ring Drain: Setting the Standard for Drain & Suction Safety

The 20-inch Unblockable Ring Drain from CMP is a new in ground pool suction drain with a maximum flow at 245 GPM. This VGB compliant design disappears into the pool. It sets the new standard for style, flow and safety. 

Unlike other round ring or circle style drains, there is no top to fill with plaster and pebble. There are not multiple connections running to the center and single port center plumbing is not required.

The unique open center enhances the finished appearance and improves ease of installation. Install it like a regular drain and get a more natural look that blends in with color matched options. It’s also flat and flush so it will not catch on swimmers’ toes or pool cleaners. The width of the ring is less than 2 inches, so it really does almost disappear!



Pool pros have multiple plumbing options with this new unblockable ring drain. Plumb with two ports, a single port or with a hydrostatic valve. The two ports are standard 2in Socket – 2.5in Spigot style.

Integrated water stops lock in plaster and help prevent gaps and leaks. And a PVC sump body means no special glue is needed for installation.

✔️ Learn about drain safety in an easy to understand way! See the VGB Drain Check Safety Checklist.


It’s important to check every pool season to ensure the pool is safe, including checking all drain covers. The 20” Ring Drain is the newest unblockable drain from CMP and is UL Listed to be VGB compliant to ANSI/APSP/ICC-16 2017 and CPSC requirements. It has a max flow of 216 GPM at 1.5 FPS with over 46 inches of open area.



Can You Count the Screws on the Ring Drain?

The photo above comes from Vic Walker, CMP Director of Marketing and Product Design. He just couldn’t help but show off his crystal clear water from his new DEL AOP 40 sanitizer

You can clearly see the details on his 20” Unblockable Ring Drain through over 8ft of water on top of a 4ft high bond beam. But the drain looks like it’s only a few feet away!



The 20″ Unblockable Ring Drain is now available with six color covers to match pool finishes. Check out 20” Unblockable Ring Drain options.

Choose the right drain for the job. CMP has a complete offering of VGB Pool Drains and Suctions to make your choices simple. View them all here.

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