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Post | June 3, 2022

Jetarray versus traditional spa jets for in ground hot tubs

Before your next pool goes in, consider checking these systems out as a powerful, simple alternative to spa jets—and definitely a big improvement on basic pool returns. Homeowners will be impressed and you will look like a real Hot Tub Hero.
Post | April 18, 2022

What are In Ground Pool Unblockable Drains – Explained

If you install or spend time around pool drains and suctions, hopefully you are fully aware of the safety factors involved. But what about "unblockable" drains?
Post | April 4, 2022

All About Scuppers: Artisan Luxury Style For Every Poolscape

Scuppers add style, versatility and flexibility to any pool design. Find out why you should be offering them with all of your pool plans.
Post | March 15, 2022

How To Work Safely With Pool Sanitizers Like Chlorine and Ozone

You may use chemicals like chlorine and other caustic components. This article focuses on how to stay safe while working with sanitizer chemicals.
Post | February 7, 2022

[VIDEO] All about the upgraded CMP Skimmer

Upgrade all of your skimmer installs with our full range of skimmer products and accessories for vinyl, fiberglass or gunite pools.
Post | February 7, 2022

How Do I Keep My Hot Tub Water Crystal Clear?

There are a few things that work wonders for spa water care. What can you do to make the hot tub experience better?
Post | January 25, 2022

Your Guide to Winter Pool Feature Care

Learn more about how to winterize other parts of the pool like waterfalls, fire features and more!
Post | January 21, 2022

[VIDEO] The Best Pool Ozone – CMP APG2 DEL Ozone®

We are continually improving our ozone cell technology, leading the industry. Watch the video and learn more!
Post | January 11, 2022

How Pool Care Can be Green and Eco-Friendly

Pool customers want to “go green” and here’s why you should jump on board!
Post | December 7, 2021

What is Cyanuric Acid? How does it affect pools if it’s too high?

The pool needs CYA, but that creates a new set of problems. As CYA levels get too high it can “lock up” chlorine making it less reactive. 
Post | November 30, 2021

Common Pool Sanitizer Mistakes

Don't make these pool sanitizer mistakes! Educate yourself on the most common pool care blunders.
Post | October 25, 2021

[VIDEO] Simple Ways to Reduce Pool Chemicals

We came up with some really simple things you can do right now that help everyone enjoy the swimming pool more. Check 'em out!
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