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[VIDEO] What is the Complete Modern Pool?

It used to be to keep up a pool, you tossed in some chlorine once a week and that was it. But as we learn more about how chlorine works, it turns out there is a better way.

Other systems are much better at oxidizing (basically totally destroying) contaminants in the water. They still need chlorine to work well, because chlorine is extremely good at keeping a constant steady level in the water to keep you safe.

It turns out these two kinds of systems – residual sanitizers and advanced sanitizers – work together to make a pool clean, clear and safe. Together they can destroy algae, clarify the water, and eradicate contaminants that make you sick.

Advanced sanitizers can also destroy really dangerous microorganisms in the water that chlorine alone is very slow to kill. This is what we call the “modern pool.”

The modern pool isn’t using chlorine alone, as pools have done for hundreds of years. Adding a second system helps chlorine work better. We know more about how residual and supplemental systems work together than ever before!

Learn more at c-m-p.com/modernpool.

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Next-generation Advanced Oxidation for pools is coming! From CMP, makers of the highly acclaimed DEL AOP Advanced Sanitizer Systems.

Learn more at c-m-p.com/AOP. Find all available residential pool sanitizers at c-m-p.com.

We also sell Sanitizer Systems for commercial pools and aquatics. Visit cmpcommercial.com to learn more.

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